10 Crafts You Can Make With Your Kids

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Craft project is always something we’re looking forward to. Craft project with your kids involved is even more entertaining and enjoyable. Not only craft making is a fun and interesting activity for parents and kids, but it also encourages creative thinking and improves kid’s practical skills.

There are so many craft ideas that are easy to make. Whether if it’s a small project for your house or crafts for some special occasion, feel free to include your kids in the making process. Even if it’s something difficult to make, any help is welcome. It will keep your children entertained and busy, rather than spending time in front of TV or computer.

Here are some easy and exciting crafts you can make with your kids:


Flower Crown

Flower crown may sound like a complicated thing to make, but it’s not that hard. Supplies you need include scissors, glue, markers, a paper plate and tissue paper. Cut three slits through the center of the paper plate, and bend the triangles formed by the cuts upwards and paint it. Later, cut some flowers from tissue paper and color them. Finally, glue flowers to the crown.


We cannot imagine Halloween without masks. So, why buy them when you can make them by yourself with a little help from your kids. Many mask templates that can be found on the Internet. Download the template you want, print it and cut it around the edges. Color the mask the way you want. Finally, use elastic and tie it to each side of the mask.


We all have old, ripped clothes we don’t wear anymore. It’s probably somewhere in the attic waiting to end in the garbage eventually. Don’t throw it away. You may need it for your next awesome project. Use scissors to cut the fabric. Let your kid write or draw something on the fabric. You can put some stickers or your logo. Finally, sew fabrics using a needle to make it look like a bag.

Jewelry crafts

Jewelry crafts are very popular, and it’s something your girls will wear proudly. There are many ideas for craft jewelry. Let your imagination run wild. You can use thread, string or even dandelion. Another unusual jewelry craft is macaroni necklace which is very simple to make. Color the macaroni and string the macaroni through the yarn. Tie the ends of the string together.


Christmas, New year or Mother’s Day cards are kids favorite. Your friends and relatives will love handmade cards more than printed ones. Choose the paper, draw the line and cut along the line you just drew. Let your kids do rest of the work. Allow them to color, draw something, write some message or even dedicate it to someone special.

Animal crafts

Animal crafts will look amazing in kid’s room. You can use paper, fabrics or plasticine. Search for old fabrics and materials you don’t need anymore. If your kid is old enough to start stitching, teach him/her how to do it. However, watch closely while they do it.  If you use plasticine, let your kids make all the shapes.

Flower crafts

Flower crafts are usually made from paper or plasticine. However, one of the most interesting is a flower craft made from the eggshell. Let your kid color an eggshell using a marker pen. Then, use a straw and glue it to an eggshell. Let it dry for a few hours. Cut leaf-shaped forms from the paper and color it. Finally, attach paper leaves to straw using glue.

Cardboard castle

Use cardboard you don’t need anymore. Cut out a wide rectangle along the front, sides, and the back to form towers. Use markers, crayons to decorate the castle the way you want. You can then use cardboard castle to put kids toys or clothes.

Twig crafts

Nature crafts will make your kids go outdoors looking for leaves, twigs, grasses or flowers. Twig star ornament or twig spider web are great home decorations during holidays.

Pine cone crafts

Pinecones are fun to play as a kid, and there are hundreds of pine cone craft ideas. Decorate your home with Christmas pine cone crafts. You can use crayons, markers, or glitter spray for pine cones decoration.

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Fluff Advice Wednesday: Try Different Cloth Diapers

fluff advice wednesday

It seems like when mamas start cloth diapering, they find one brand and try to stick with it. While that sounds great, it’s not ideal. Sure, if it works for you then why change what works? The thing I’ve found most helpful in my stash is variety. I liked different cloth diapers for different circumstances. Diapers for during the day were different than what I’d put her in for naptime. Bedtime diapers were different, car ride diapers, out and about diapers… I could go on and on. It wasn’t just the style of diapers I likes to have variety in, but brands as well. If you use prefolds and covers, for example, do you only have one brand of covers? Or all-in-one users, do you only have one brand of all-in-one? Here’s my story:

My stash changed drastically throughout our cloth diapering journey. Heck, we only use one diaper per day and I still try to find new things. When I started cloth diapering, I had all Alva Baby diapers. A few months later, I added some Sunbaby into the mix. Finally, I decided to support USA based cloth diapering brands. I don’t know why… It just felt more right to me. So I sold all my “China Cheapies” for Bumgenius diapers. That was the first major change in my cloth stash. I went from having all pockets, to having a few pockets (4.0s), a few all-in-ones (freetimes), and a few covers (flips) to use with prefolds. This was just the start of variety. A little bit of time went past and I started trying Thirsties products. I tried their all-in-one diaper and their Duo cover. The all-in-one didn’t stay in my stash long because I just found others I wanted to try. I have a revolving door for diapers- they don’t all stay very long. If I find something else I want to try, I usually put one or two on the chopping block to fund the next diaper. The Duo cover, I bought a few more and still use them. Next into the mix was Moraki. They also didn’t stay very long but mostly due to fit issues I had along with absorbancy issues with Baileigh. They were a great diaper, just not the best ones for us. Then Lalabye and Sloomb entered my life. Oh. My. Gosh. Talk about love. Sloomb became our night time diapers and my “if she gets a rash” diapers. (I’d throw a fitted on her with no cover due to the breath-ability.) Lalabye became the mostly used daytime diaper for us just because they were great!

Fast forward to our one diaper per day: Lalabye Baby diapers are no longer in our stash because they couldn’t hold up for night time. Moraki has been long gone. Freetimes and 4.0s are used frequently, Flips are used frequently, I love pairing up a Sloomb fitted with a Thirsties Duo Cover, and I’ve also added in some Best Bottoms covers to use with prefolds. I’ve tried new diapers. I’ve found WAHM diapers to love. And I’ve re-tried diapers I was contemplating selling off. Diapers that weren’t working anymore suddenly work again and I wouldn’t have known if I didn’t keep the variety in my stash. I feel confident in what I’ll buy for future babies and I keep looking to see what I may try that I haven’t tried yet.

Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Try new brands. Try new styles. If they don’t work out, then instead of feeling defeated, sell them and try something else! There is something out there for everyone!!! You never know…. You may just find the best diaper ever! 😉 Happy Cloth Diapering! 🙂

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50 Reasons My Toddler Has Thrown a Fit Today

toddlerism tuesday

Toddler-ism Tuesday: 50 Reasons My Toddler Has Thrown a Fit Today

  1. She woke up with her finger out of her mouth.
  2. She had to take her diaper off and put on big girl panties.
  3. She wanted to sit on my face.
  4. Her sister handed her a banana.
  5. I put the baby gate up by the stairs.
  6. Her smoothie wasn’t pink enough.
  7. My phone rang.
  8. I wanted to use the bathroom… by myself.
  9. She wanted the pink plate instead of the red one.
  10. I said, “I love you!”
  11. She wanted Daddy.
  12. She didn’t want Daddy.
  13. The dog barked at the mailman.
  14. She watched that episode of Sesame Street yesterday. (Gees Netflix!)
  15. Her sister handed her a tissue after she sneezed.
  16. She was tired.
  17. She wasn’t tired.
  18. Her name is Baileigh.
  19. She wanted PB&J.
  20. She didn’t want to eat her PB&J in squares. Triangles, Mom!
  21. She ate all her applesauce.
  22. She wanted to color with the lined paper.
  23. There weren’t enough lines on the paper.
  24. Daddy came home.
  25. Mommy took a shower without her.
  26. She had to pee while watching a movie- Can’t miss Elsa singing Let it Go for the millionth time.
  27. She peed in her panties because she HAD to watch Elsa sing Let it Go.
  28. She didn’t want the Minnie Mouse panties.
  29. She didn’t want the 2T pink pants, she wanted the 4T pink pants. (Her sister’s size that she could drown in…)
  30. Her sister got more purple fruit snacks in her pouch than she did. (Gees Welch’s!)
  31. It was her sister’s turn to pick a movie.
  32. It was naptime.
  33. The batteries ran out. (Or did they….)
  34. The puzzle pieces fell out of the puzzle when she held it upside down.
  35. Mom said, “No,” again…
  36. She was told to stop eating her broccoli and eat her chicken.
  37. She was offered a piece of chocolate.
  38. She was asked to snuggle.
  39. Daddy gave her a kiss on her head.
  40. Sister offered her half her cookie.
  41. Her stuffed animal was left on her bed during dinner.
  42. She wanted the “Fishy” diaper. (Thanks Bumgenius!)
  43. She wanted the “Snowman: diaper. (thanks Best Bottoms!)
  44. She wanted to wear BOTH diapers to bed. At the same time.
  45. She drank all her milk.
  46. She was offered water.
  47. Her music turned off 20 minutes after she was put to bed.
  48. She fell asleep too early.
  49. Her sister woke her up. (Her sister was fast asleep when I walked in….)
  50. Mommy didn’t close the door fast enough.


WHEW. What. A. DAY! Toddlers can be super rough, especially because they can’t communicate with you entirely. Their lives are struggles but they don’t understand why. You can bet that I choose my battles. For instance, when she got a red plate and wanted the pink one, I gave her the pink one. If that’s all she wanted, then why not give it to her? Sure, it put another dish in my sink, but it made her happy. Some may say she’ll be raised to be spoiled then. I say, she’ll be raised happy. The color of something to a small child can be the world. It’s not JUST a color like it is to you and me. It’s their entire day. I’ll pick my battles to get through the day. And after bedtime, I’ll pour myself a glass of wine and tell myself, “I freaking did it!”

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Diaper Dawgs Cloth Wipes

Have you heard about Diaper Dawgs Cloth Wipes?

Diaper Dawgs were created by a cloth diapering mama that wanted to get rid of the ick factor (or at least cut it back some) when taking care of the poop messes that comes with cloth diaper territory. You can see my review for these handy little guys here. After the success of Diaper Dawgs was apparent, the makers of Diaper Dawgs decided to come out with a new product- cloth wipes. But what makes these wipes so special from the hundreds of other brands you can try?

These wipes are like gloves. Yes! There is an opening that you can stick your hand in to wipe the bum. No more crossing your fingers that your wipe doesn’t slip up and hope poop aren’t under your nails or on your finger! Or you can use it like my husband does and flip it inside out after the outside is all dirty from a massive poop explosion and use the inside too. This means you could use half the amount of wipes!

diaper dawgs wipesdiaper dawgs wipes 2 diaper dawgs wipes 3

Now isn’t that a neat idea? My husband LOVES these wipes. He actually requested that I replace all of our wipes with them! Now of course, I have many, many wipes so I can exactly do that. But I do like using these a lot.

These wipes are made of 70% viscose bamboo, 28% organic cotton, and 2% polyester with 100% polyester thread. They are 8×6 rectangles that are perfect for big or small hands. They are some heavy duty wipes but are still soft enough for baby’s bum. These wipes are sold in 6 pack bundles. I really like the thread colors that can match your set of Diaper Dawgs! Best of all, these wipes are made in the USA by a group of stay at home moms.

These wipes have gotten me through some messy situations and I’ve been thankful to have them every single time. Want to purchase them yourself? Click on the “What Do You Do With Poop” banner on the right hand side —–> and you’ll be directed to Diaper Dawgs’ website. These wipes retail at $9.95 but at the end of the week, you have a chance to win them! Make sure you are subscribed to the blog by entering your email over there too —-> so you’ll be the first to know about the giveaway! 🙂

Please Note: I received these wipes for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was made. All opinions are my own and 100% honest!!

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Buttons Cloth Diapers

When I started cloth diapering Bai, we used pockets. Then I ventured into some prefolds and then finally discovered all in ones. To me, they were easy- no stuffing, no folding, just all right there and good to go. Then I found Buttons Cloth Diapers.


Buttons diapers are very “wallet friendly” when you’re starting cloth. Because of their system, you need a very small amount of covers to start out- like when using prefolds and covers. The only difference is no folding, no stuffing, its all right there! This diaper “system” uses snaps to hold the insert in place. It’s simple. One snap in the back, one snap in the front, and you’ve got yourself an absorbent diaper!

buttons2 buttons5

This diaper is a one-size diaper and is marketed to fit babies between 9 and 35 pounds. There are two different sizes of inserts- small will fit between 9 and 20 pounds and large will fit between 20 and 35 pounds. The inserts are made of microfiber but have a soft fleece top so it’s safe against baby’s skin. The daytime inserts are very trim and fit nicely inside the diaper. The overnight doubler is thicker, adds a lot more layers, and makes the diaper less trim but SUPER absorbent!!

buttons1 buttons4

If you’ve read any of my other cloth diaper reviews, you’d know we don’t end up trying many of the diapers overnight simply because they just won’t work. Baileigh is a super duper heavy wetter and can pee out of anything so it’s very difficult to find one that will work. Well ladies and gentlemen, this is one diaper that DOES work! The first night we tested it, I couldn’t believe it worked! I was literally in awe. I felt like that couldn’t have been right so I made that day diaper laundry day so I could put her in it the next night. And sure enough, no leaks that night either! So I HIGHLY recommend Buttons Diapers!!


What makes these incredibly affordable? You can use one cover for on average 3 diaper changes. As long as your cover didn’t have to keep in a poop explosion, you should be able to just wipe it clean, stick in a new insert, and you’re good to go! A full “stash” can be made up of 8-10 covers, 18-24 inserts, and 2-3 overnight doublers! Check out Buttons Diapers HERE and see their prices for each item individually but also take a look at their packs!! 🙂

Interested in trying out Buttons Cloth Diapers? Enter to win a $25 Gift Certificate to use online using the Rafflecoptor below!! 🙂

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Our Cloth Diaper Wash Routine

Cloth Diapers can be complicated, but I believe it’s only as complicated as you make them! I will totally admit that I was super overwhelmed when we decided to make the switch from disposables. There was so much information to read, to take in, and to just learn. A lot of things are just trial and error and you can’t really read enough to just figure that stuff out. You don’t know what inserts you’ll like, what type of diaper will work for you, what cloth diaper wash routine will work, so on and so forth. Some people make the wash routine complicated. Me… I make it as simple as can be:

  • Warm Rinse, no detergent.
  • Heavy Duty Wash, with detergent
  • Cold Rinse and Spin

And then you’re done! Bahda-bing. Bahda-boom. I throw everything in the dryer with wool dryer balls for 20 minutes, take out the covers and AIO diapers, and then finish drying the inserts, prefolds, and cloth wipes. The detergent needs to be what works for you. In our house, we use Gain. We’ve tried cloth diaper detergent and it didn’t take out our ammonia issues. We tried ALL free and clear, also didn’t take out our ammonia issues. We switched to Gain and have had no problems. It canceled out the warranty in our bumGenius diapers, but most of them were bought used anyways. We use a small amount of bleach about once a month to really clean them and use RLR Laundry Treatment as needed. The dirty diapers are in a hanging “rubbish bag” that was bought from Alva Baby. I spray off any poopy diapers and then just throw them in the bag. I usually wash every other to every two days. It honestly depends on the stink from the bag, how many diapers have been used, and if I really want her to wear a diaper that day that was in the bag dirty. I have so many things going on that I just can’t handle complicated.

So tell me, what’s your wash routine with your cloth diapers? And what detergent have you found works in your house??

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BB-Cloth Diaper Review

BB-Cloth makes one-size pocket cloth diapers in a variety of fun prints, solids, and football team logos! They’re affordable and adorable. So what more could you really need?!

A little bit of background of BB-Cloth: This company was created November 1, 2013 after noticing the lack of football team cloth diapers on the market printed on PUL fabric. The company has since taken requests for new teams and other prints. Each design is their own and is made in a limited quantity.

bbcloth4 bbcloth5

Chevron is super popular in our house so this diaper is more than just a pretty design! This diaper also came with a bamboo blend insert. Their insert worked so well that I didn’t have to double up on inserts like I usually have to do with any other diapers. This made the diaper super trim and not bulky. I was very surprised that the one insert worked so well for Baileigh! I usually have a horrible time with new diapers because she’s a heavy wetter and it takes a lot of trial and error to figure out how much pee that particular diaper will hold and if it can withstand a long car ride or her 2 hour naptime.

bbcloth1 bbcloth3 bbcloth2

I was very impressed with this diaper. It is similar to an Alva diaper, but with higher quality. Since it does compare to an Alva, you could also use it as a newborn diaper folded like this.

BB-Cloth also has a variety of fun prints that have JUST been released! And aren’t they adorable???

bbcloth6 bbcloth7

Want to win a BB-Cloth diaper for your baby? Enter in the Rafflecoptor below!! 🙂

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Please Note: I received this BB-Cloth diaper for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was made. All opinions are my own and 100% honest!!

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10 Things Only Cloth Diapering Mamas Understand

10 things a cloth diapering mama will understand

Here are the top 10 things only cloth diapering mamas understand! Be sure to leave a comment at the bottom with something you think needs to be added!!

1. Stalking B/S/T sites for the limited edition prints.

2. Letting baby run around in a t-shirt (and baby legwarmers if its cold) so you can just stare at that pretty diaper on the bum.

3. One load of laundry being washed continuously all day long.

4. Needing to buy a size up in baby’s pants- waist doesn’t fit, length too long, fits tight in the bum.

5. Being up close and personal with poop… sometimes multiple times a day. Thank God for a Spray-Pal and a diaper sprayer!

6. Talking about cloth diapers. Dreaming of diapers. Thinking of diapers. All. Day. Long.

7. Shaking your head when someone doesn’t get your obsession.

8. You’re constantly looking for a new way to store your stash.

9. You enjoy folding diapers and diapers are always folded while the rest of the clean laundry sits in a basket. Unfolded.

10. Stalking your mailman when you are expecting fluff mail. And the day seems to go by so slooooooow until he/she shows up!


Bonus: Building your paypal account by transferring just a few dollars at a time to buy a new diaper… and hope the husband doesn’t notice!! 😉


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BabySteps Electric Food Mill F900 by KidCo- Product Review

When I started using the reusable pouches, like Yummi Pouch, Ufill, and the Little Green Pouch, I wanted to put more than just applesauce or yogurt in them. Afterall, when Plum Organics hid a veggie in their pouches, my girls ate that up!! So why couldn’t I do it too??

My problem was that I did not own a food processor or a baby food maker. I would have to get out my blender (which we don’t use often) to make anything for the pouches. I just didn’t feel like my big blender was right to make small batches of something. It was nice when I’d make smoothies for the whole family… but 2 little pouches for the girls? This is where the Electric Food Mill comes in! I feel like it saved the day! Here are the features, direct from their website:

  • 2 cup bowl
  • Non-skid bottom
  • Turbo button for pulsating rotations
  • Blending attachment for more thorough mixing
  • Dishwasher safe; except for motor/housing

– See more at: http://www.kidco.com/products-page/preparation/f900/#sthash.HuqgWOId.dpuf

  • 2 cup bowl
  • Non-skid bottom
  • Turbo button for pulsating rotations
  • Blending attachment for more thorough mixing
  • Dishwasher safe; except for motor/housing

– See more at: http://www.kidco.com/products-page/preparation/f900/#sthash.HuqgWOId.dpuf

  • 2 cup bowl
  • Non-skid bottom
  • Turbo button for pulsating rotations
  • Blending attachment for more thorough mixing
  • Dishwasher safe; except for motor/housing

– See more at: http://www.kidco.com/products-page/preparation/f900/#sthash.HuqgWOId.dpuf2 cup bowl

  • 2 cup bowl
  • Non-skid bottom
  • Turbo button for pulsating rotations
  • Blending attachment for more thorough mixing
  • Dishwasher safe; except for motor/housing

foodmillfood mill2

Here’s pictures of me blending some carrots and applesauce- Bree and Bai’s favorite snack!!

This food mill is so easy to use and so easy to clean! It has just a few parts that get dirty. It can go in the dishwasher for an easy, quick clean up or you can hand wash it with no problems at all! The only thing that I think would make this even better: if it could also steam foods. When I make they’re Carrot and Applesauce pouches, I have to cook the carrots either on the stove-top or in the microwave. It would be so much easier for the food mill to steam them too! But for now, this works out so much better! I feel like because its smaller, I won’t over make any batches. It takes just seconds to puree which also makes it convenient when you have screaming kids at your feet. I highly recommended this purchase to make baby food, toddler snacks, or just to use as a mini food processor! I actually used it to grind up some oats in this muffin recipe!

Here’s my “recipe” for the Carrots and Applesauce Puree:

  • a few handfuls of baby carrots, steamed or boiled
  • 1/2 cup of applesauce, more or less depending on taste

I just combined them all together in the food mill and let it whip around a few times. And here was my tasty result:



If you are interested in purchasing this item, click the Amazon link below! (affiliate link) For $26.84, that’s an awesome price!!

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Fluff Bum Babies Exclusive Coupon Code!

Have you heard of Snuggy Baby? If you have, you may be looking for a Snuggy Baby coupon code. If you haven’t… well, they’re a really awesome site that sells stretchy wraps, ring slings, child doll slings, wet bags, and cloth diapers! Oh yes!! Fluff Bum Babies is doing a review for them. So what does this mean for you? (Other than getting to read a review in a few weeks…) They sent us an exclusive coupon code, just for Fluff Bum Babies’ readers!! For a limited time only, use the code shown below at Snuggy Baby’s website and receive 10% off your order!! 🙂 And be on the lookout for the review in a few weeks!! 🙂

snuggy baby coupon code

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A Big NO NO in Colder Weather!!

no coats in car seats

Just a friendly reminder: please DO NOT keep a puffy winter coat on your baby/toddler/child when putting them in a car. It is so unsafe and could cause harm if in a car crash. A few good alternatives are:

  • blanket in the car
  • allow the car to warm up before bringing baby out there
  • a light weight sweatshirt or fleece jacket
  • strapping baby in the car and then putting the coat on backwards

We have a special balnket in the car for the girls and they wear light, zip up sweatshirts. We put their heavy coats on to transport them from the house to the car, the car to the store, the car to the house, etc. but they are always taken off before strapping them into their car seat. Safety first!!

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OMG! Fast Food?!

I will admit it. Although we eat healthy 75% of the time… we do indulge in some gross fast food occasionally. I think everyone has been in that situation where you go to run errands, they take longer than you expected, and you don’t want to be cooking dinner at 8pm. It happens to us about once a week or less. Sometimes mama just doesn’t feel like cooking dinner so we call for Chinese take-out or for pizza delivery. It happens. Its not a secret that McDonalds, Wendys, KFC, and all those other places are bad for you. And a lot of times, they make you feel good for a minute and then you feel like crap the rest of the day. But, lets face it. They are convenient. And sometimes, convenience has to take priority that day or momma is just gonna go crazy!

Something I highly believe in is to not feel guilty for what you eat. If you ate junk today, don’t cry about it. Just eat better tomorrow. Life is too short to obsess over what we eat or how much we weigh. I don’t have time to work out if I ate a cookie that day. It was a dang cookie! How about we obsess about other important things?? Then again, let’s just obsess over nothing because it may be healthier that way! HAHA

In short, my family hopes to eat better 100% someday. But right now, we still indulge in that occasional Big Mac and Sweet Tea or that Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger. And for us, it works out. We’re still healthy. And that’s what matters in the long run! My kids know its a “treat” to get fast food and as long as they aren’t to the point where they’re begging for it or refuse to eat anything else, we’ll probably still eat it every other week.



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Toddlers love Juice… Mommy DOESN’T!

Most toddlers start out with 1/2 their sippy cup of juice and then the other 1/2 is water. Mix the water and juice together and you’re giving the toddler more of something to drink with less sugar. Wrong. Juice is like toddler crack. At least in our house it is. And that is exactly why we cut it out of our children’s diet.

Some of you may be thinking, “Why would you cut out juice?” “Juice isn’t harmful.” “Juice is not full of sugar.” or even, “100% Juice only is just fine!” Nope. Nope and nope. I would only buy 100% juice for my kids with no added sugar. I thought that even 1/4 of their sippy cup mixed with 3/4 cup of water would be just fine. Nope. I lived. And I sure as heck learned!My kids only wanted juice. They would refuse milk, water, everything that wasn’t juice. They were addicted. I finally got them to break the habit by switching to milk only in the mornings and after nap time (when their dad was home) they could have juice. It was like day and night. They were calm and good listeners in the morning and then someone flipped the switch after nap time. It was the juice. Even though they didn’t have much of it, that small amount of “natural” sugar got to them. They were bouncing off the walls. It wasn’t until my husband really noticed a difference one weekend that we just stopped buying it. And I’m so happy we did!

Aubrey REFUSES to drink water. Plain water is just “YUCK” in her words. This means if she wants something to drink, her go to is milk. Milk is good for you so its not a huge bad thing… but too much of anything can be bad for you. Right now, we’re figuring out how to make our own flavored water. I looked at MIO but there’s so many ingredients in it that’s just not good for you. I might as well be giving them juice! I am looking at a special pitcher that has a place for fresh fruit and it will diffuse into the water. We’re also looking at adding essential oils and stevia to a pitcher every few days to also make a flavored type of water. This is just one more thing we did to become more “natural” parents!

Something I would like to point out: I am not depriving my children of fruit juice. If we go to a relative’s house and they offer my kids juice, that’s fine. We just prefer juice to be in moderation. We had also made the decision months ago to not buy juice boxes. After seeing pictures of the Capri Suns with mold in them, we decided to not take that chance. Juice boxes are expensive anyways!! If we do offer juice in the future, it will be homemade, raw juice from an awesome juicer. We just meed to purchase one first!

Mommas that also don’t do juice, what kind of drinks do your little ones drink regularly? Any tips to help me get Aubrey to drink plain water?

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A Late Merry Christmas!

My goal was to spend as much time with my family on Christmas with no distractions. I stayed off social media sites and of course, the blog. We were gone all day, so the computer wasn’t around to tempt me. 😉 Here’s our girls’ annual Christmas picture with Santa.

We had a wonderful Christmas Day with my family at lunch and my husband’s family at dinner time. Then, with my wonderful luck, I started to get sick Christmas evening and was in bed for the following two days. No fun. Since I’ve been feeling better today, we got some of the girls’ new toys out and put together. They love everything they received from Santa and family. Seeing their faces Christmas morning make all the time, energy, and money that we spend for Christmas worth it. 🙂

How was your Christmas? What was your child’s (or children’s) favorite gift? 🙂

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The Christmas Giveaway Winner Is….

Congratulations to Michelle S. 🙂

If you did not win, don’t be too sad!! I have many giveaways planned in the new year including one for the must have baby items!!

Have a Merry Christmas and share some of the Christmas fluff bums on the Facebook page!!

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