Why I Love Target- The #MomLife Addiction

It’s true- I’m addicted to Target. You’ll find me browsing around the store maybe two or three times a week. Why? Well- Because it’s the magical land of the basic stay-at-home-mom. You might think I’m joking. But this is serious. I really do love Target.

10ย reasons we’re all a little (or a lot) addicted to Target:

It’s basically the SAHM meeting ground. I meet up with a couple other moms for “Target dates” a few times a week. Other than hanging out with my husband after he comes home from work, this is sometimes my only other form of adult interaction.

Starbucks. I basically function on caffeine at this point. With three kids, I’m not allowed to sleep through the night. One of them is always waking me up. Starbucks in the store makes it much more worth it for me to go to Target. Plus- I earn free Starbucks because of the Starbucks rewards program!

The dollar section. Well, not everything a dollar anymore. All the items in Bullseye’s Playground is between $1 and $5. It’s super rare that I don’t have at least one product fromย that area. You can find holiday dรฉcor, arts and crafts, party supplies, gift wrap, toys for kids, candy. So much to choose from!!!

Baby Nap. Jackson gets some of his best naps during our Target trips. He usually ends up driving me crazy in the cart so he ends up in a baby carrier on my back. Within a few minutes, he falls asleep. Of course, this doesn’t happen every time. But it’s still a perk when it does! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Cartwheel. If you haven’t heard of the Cartwheel app, then you’re seriously missing out. You can find a lot of instant coupons on your phone in this app. I save a good amount of money using it!

The atmosphere. I swear they have to be pumping something into the air in Target. It almost makes me instantly happy walking through those doors. It could be because I’m a shopaholic. Or it could be the air. Ehhhh. Whichever it is, it’s fine for me.

Clearance. Let’s be honest- Target makes it super easy to find clearance items. Again, I usually end up with at least one clearance item in my cart. I’ve found some pretty good deals through the years!

Price matching. Did you know that Target will price match? Yep. I went to purchase a new cup for Jackson and it was $3 cheaper on Amazon prime. I really didn’t want to wait 2 days for the cup so I went to customer service. They price matched it quickly and easily! I got the Amazon Prime price but that day. Oh and I got to use the next reason I love Target…..

RED Card. My RED card makes me so happy. It’s a debit card attached to my bank account. Every time I use it, I automatically get 5% off. I can also use it to get free shipping with that 5% discount on target.com. Sure, 5% doesn’t sound like a whole lot…. but using it with the Cartwheel app, printable coupons on their site, manufacturer coupons, clearance- all that savings really adds up!!!!

Awesome Stuff! You see that amazing sweatshirt and giant coffee mug in the picture above? Yeah. Those are Target purchases. Basically the best coffee mug and sweatshirt I’ve ever purchased. I love Target. <3



BONUS. I’m raising little Target lovers as well. Baileigh loves Target just as much as I do. I see this as both a good thing…. and a problem. ๐Ÿ˜‰ She asks me toย take herย to Target multiple times a week. Thank goodness she goes to school through the week so she only goes once. Because she talks me into things like little hats:




*This is not a Sponsored post. At all. I received no compensation for posting how much I love shopping at Target. However, there are some affiliate links throughout the post to help make a tad bit of $$$$ to keep this website going.*

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Mini Vacation, Ahhhhh.

My last post was days ago. I decided that I needed a mini vacation from technology. So my computer stayed off, my phone was used minimally, and family time was spent with the family. 4 whole days…. wow. And it was nice.

Thursday, we had Thanksgiving with my family in the afternoon and my husband’s mom in the evening. The girls stayed with their aunt and uncle for the night so we could get all of our Christmas shopping done on “Black Friday” Thursday night. For some reason, I really like shopping that night. It’s not super crazy in my neighborhood. There’s the typical crowds… but that’s about it. We had “dinner” at 1am at our local Steak n’ Shake and it was really good. We started shopping at 9pm and we were home, childless, at 2am. I think it was pretty darn successful! ๐Ÿ™‚

Friday, we had to go pick up the kids. Baileigh had a little cold coming on and was a bit cranky that day. She took a nap while Roger and Aubrey put up the first Christmas tree. She was so cranky that we stayed home while Roger and Aubrey went to his dad’s house for an after Thanksgiving dinner. Friday was really a laid back day all in itself which was really nice.

Saturday, I was up and out the door by 9:45 with my mom. We have a “tradition” of going to some local stores that have wonderful Christmas displays and get some new decorations. It’s a family thing. We go with my mamaw and aunt Jill every year and it is one of my favorite things to do during the holiday season!! Plus, I came home with some new Christmas ornaments to put on the trees, new things to hang on the walls, and some fun little props for our Elf on the Shelf! ๐Ÿ™‚ We put her out Saturday night for the VERY FIRST TIME! ๐Ÿ™‚

Sunday morning, the girls woke up and we showed Santa’s helper that now came to our house. My husband had recommended the name Lily for our elf girl. And Aubrey loved it!! So our little elf’s name is Lily. I’ll have many pictures up of the fun things Lily does these next few weeks! ๐Ÿ™‚ Sunday was actually pretty boring other than reading the elf book and watching the movie. I took a nap with the girls Sunday afternoon and really just needed to recharge. It was a busy weekend!!


I will have reviews up in the next few days of the giveaway products. I am totally slacking right now! But I need to get back into my groove! ๐Ÿ™‚

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Ufill Reusable Pouch Review


I’m not going to lie… I was a little nervous about these ones. In my mind, I thought they were once use pouches since they had the tamper proof seals. I looked on their website and they are reusable! You can easily wash these like you would the other reusable pouches I have looked at. They are top rack dishwasher safe, freezer safe, and kid proof. I love that the spout is on the top and Baileigh appreciated that too! ๐Ÿ™‚ She knew how to use it without any help from sissy or mommy.

ufill4 ufill3

Aubrey didn’t mind where the spout was because she was fine with the spout on the side or wherever it was. But I’m sure these were easier to hold anyways.

ufill2 ufill ufill5

These pouches are reasonably priced and they come in a ton of different sets. You can buy a 3 pack if you prefer a small amount to try or you can buy a pack of 100 if you use them regularly. I like that they come in bigger packs because you could always use them for parties for toddlers, preschools, daycares, etc. I think it would be awesome to get some unsweetened applesauce, put some in these, and have daycares use them in the infant/toddler rooms. (I used to work in an infant room at a daycare. This would have been very handy come snacktime instead of spoon feeding 5 babies applesauce!!) Just sayin… ๐Ÿ˜‰

Yesterday, I saw a horrible video going around on Facebook with some bugs inside the store bought pouches. I was a little grossed out, especially since I was planning on reviewing a few of those pouches as well. I still intend to do a few reviews of those pouches, but I will wait to do that specific company until I have heard more about that situation. It did, however, make me feel like I’ve been doing a better thing with making my kids’ pouches and using the reusable ones. You just don’t know what is in the food unless you make it yourself. Its sad that we have to think that way these days. I know my parents didn’t have to worry about all the stuff that we’re finding in food now. And now for the scaling system:

Rating Scale for Reusable and Grocery Bought Pouches 1-5 (1 being low and 5 being high)

Ease of Use: For me, 5. Aubrey, 5. Baileigh, 5.

Price: Set of 6, $18.99 -4

Convenience: 3. It is reusable so you do have to fill it before using.

Pros: Reusable, Recyclable, Easy to Clean, Freezer Safe, Holds a lot -5

Cons: One Color Selection -1

Overall Rating (1-5): 4.4

***Hint Hint: This may be apart of the Big Giveaway coming later this week! Follow the page with your email so you donโ€™t forget to enter!***

Please Note: I received a pack of Ufill Reusable Pouches for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was made. All opinions are my own and 100% honest!!

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Dinkledooz Cloth Diaper Review

For about a month, we have been reviewing a Dinkledooz Cloth Diaper. And by we… I mean me and miss Baileigh. She is loving all these new diapers to try. (She’s totally a girl and loves trying new “clothes” on and I guess a new pretty diaper falls into that category!)

About Dinkledooz

Dinkledooz are pocket diapers that come with 2 different size microfiber inserts. They are made with an inner of a soft cotton micro-fleece and an outer layer of 1.5 mil PUL. They are a one size diaper that can fit a little 8lb baby and grow to fit a 35lb toddler.


dinkledooz2 dinkledooz3

I may or may not have said this before, but Baileigh is a super heavy wetter. We are having a super hard time when it comes to naptime and bedtime because we just can’t find the right combo to hold all her pee in. When I try out a new diaper, it first needs to meet the requirement of working for 2-3 hours of playtime before being tried for nap time. I literally have a little process when it comes to experimenting with diapers for her. Dinkledooz did, in fact, hold up well during playtime! The next challenge was 2 different nap times. When I did these naps, I made sure to use only the 2 inserts that it came with. It did great during both naps as well!! ๐Ÿ™‚ I did not try this diaper for overnight because I was worried of leaks at night. The amount of inserts that I’ve had to use for pockets was well more than two so this particular diaper with only the two inserts certainly would not have worked out. I love how soft the inside is and how well it has washed. It feels just as soft as before the first use. I really like the shape of the diaper as well and how it didn’t seem to add too much bulk to her bum! If I had to give this diaper a rating, out of 5, I would give it 4.5 stars with no problem. They’re made very well and not too pricey. Currently you can buy them here for $15.95 per diaper or buy them in packs to save a little money. I highly recommend these diapers! ๐Ÿ™‚ And now, for the adorable pictures of miss Bai wearing one!


dinkle1 dinkle2 dinkle3 dinkle4

***Hint: You can win one of these diapers with the giveaway later this week!***

Please Note: I received this Dinkledooz diaper for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was made. The opinions are my own and they are 100% honest.

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The BIG Giveaway! :)

Happy Sunday!! ๐Ÿ™‚ I usually try to stay off the computer on Saturdays and Sundays because those are my family days. Usually my husband isn’t working and we try to go and do some fun things. However, he had a few errands to run today that I didn’t really want to participate in. So he took miss Aubrey for a few hours and Baileigh and I are just hanging out until they get back and then we can run our family errands. Anyways… I got on today because I am figuring out the first big giveaway. My giveaway schedule has been awesome and I’ve got so many product reviews about to be released to all of you. Awesome, right?! But I’m figuring out that too many little, one item giveaways, just aren’t cutting it!! At the end of this week, I’ll be posting the first big giveaway. Diapers, baby/toddler food, reusable items and cloth diaper friendly rash cream/lotion; valued at over $80! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll be posting the product reviews this week for these items and then the giveaway will be posted afterwards. Keep your eyes out! And be sure to subscribe to the page so all of the new posts go straight to your email! That way… you can’t forget to enter!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Have a great rest of your weekend!

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