MommyCon Chicago- An Attendee’s Point of View

Earlier this month, I had the privilege to attend MommyCon Chicago! I traveled 6ish hours from Columbus- and it was SO worth it! This mama needed a vacation and I figured what better place than MommyCon?! I took Jackson with me and attended with my sister-in-law and nephew. While I wasn’t totally “child-free,” it was still a little freeing to get out of the house and have two children less for a few days! 😉 MommyCon Chicago was combined with WEAR this year- so we were looking forward to three days of the event!!!


We left Ohio Friday morning and made it with very little bumps in the road. We only stopped twice; once for lunch and once for gas. Can you believe we only stopped twice with TWO rambunctious toddlers? Yeah- I can’t either. But it worked out!!! We made it an hour before check-in, but Hilton was amazing and let us check-in early since our room was ready. After we got into the hotel room, we got ready and headed to MommyCon! Luckily, I really only wanted to attend one of the sessions on Friday and it was the last session of the day. After the session- I stopped at the MommyCon Shoppe and grabbed a new Milk & Milk & Milk shirt for Jackson!

Friday evening was the Wear Party presented by Abby’s Lane. Christy from Smartbottoms, Ula from Tula Baby, Julie from Cloth Diaper Geek and Stephanie from Abby’s Lane were on stage and spoke to the party-goers. It was hard to hear the amazing women on the stage, which was disappointing. But we all had a drink ticket, entered to win some prizes, and had some delicious food! (They served brownies, cookies, and a veggie tray with hummus!) Jackson enjoyed dancing to Miss Jamie’s music!


Saturday was the main event day! The exhibitor hall was full of amazing exhibitors and I picked up some amazing goodies! 😉 As a blogger for Cotton Babies, Jen Labit invited me up on stage during the mob party! I (unexpectedly) spoke to the attendee’s about why we started cloth diapering and why I started this blog. It was super exciting. I feel like I looked silly- my last “public speaking” was 8+ years ago in high school!

Also on Saturday, I took pictures with everyone I could! I love meeting new people and seeing my internet friends! Saturday felt really hectic so it was nice to be in the hotel connected to the convention center. I could go back to the room as I pleased to just decompress, grab a snack, etc.


Saturday night was a night to remember! I snatched tickets for the Tula Party! They did not disappoint- when using the #freetogrow on instagram, there was a printer printing out your photos! There was also an awesome green screen for pictures and they printed out those pictures right there as a souvenir! We were the first to see the upcoming release of the new Free to Grow Tula carriers and we were able to not only see them- but we could try them on as well! And did I mention…. open bar? Yeah. It was a phenomenal party! Perfect for a mom-cation! 😉


Sunday was our last day. The initial plan was that we would stay until giveaways that day- but it just didn’t work out. We were tired. And we didn’t pace ourselves well on Saturday. I attended a social media session with Xza and Mat York first thing in the morning and did a little bit more shopping. By that point, the toddlers were done. And the mamas were tired! Plus, add in the fact that we had a 6+ hour drive ahead of us…. it was just time to go. 🙁


MommyCon Chicago did not disappoint. Per the usual, we left with amazing freebies from sponsors and bags full of items that we purchased. I got to meet some of my new friends, take pictures with people I love talking with everyday, and got a weekend away. It was perfect. <3



*Want to see more pictures? Check out my instagram! I took so many pictures and don’t want to overwhelm this post with all of them! 😉

Thinking about attending MommyCon? Check out my “MommyCon 101” Page for tons of helpful tips and information- including a coupon code for your general admission ticket! 😉

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MommyCon VIP Sessions- A Community Post

I have not personally attended any of the MommyCon VIP sessions- although I have heard many great things about them! VIP Sessions take place the day before the event, so on a Friday, and they are small seminars with some amazing people. Because I can’t personally tell you about my experience and why they’re so great- I asked some of my blogger friends to help with this post! 🙂

Want to purchase a VIP upgrade? VIP sessions are typically announced 30 days before your city’s event.

** Still need to buy your MommyCon ticket? Remember to use the code FLUFFBUM17 for a $5 discount! Please not that this code is not valid on VIP ticket upgrades. **


Cotton Babies VIP Session

I attended the Jen’s VIP session at MommyCon OC 2015. It was a small circle of about 15-20 women with babies having freeplay in the middle of the circle. We had light snacks and drinks and it felt very inviting. Jen had everyone introduce themselves and share what we wanted to get out of the session. We were able to ask questions and it never felt rushed it was very natural like a group of friends. Xza was in and out of the session visiting too. We each got a tote from catbird baby, and inside was a bum genius diaper, wet bag, wipe spray, maxaloon style pants, and several samples of other cloth diaper safe products. The products we received were well over he $40 session price, the inspirational message from Jen was worth more as well. I’m still friends with some of the moms I met there 2 years later.

– Hannah


Mommy-con Atlanta 2016 was my second mommy-con experience and my first time going all the way and doing a VIP session as well as breakfast with Jen before my VIP session. My sister in law and best friend took the plunge with me as my twins and her son are 10 days apart and we share many parenting values. She had also been by my side during our first mommy-con in 2015!
Bright and early on Friday morning I picked her and my nephew up and we drove to the hotel that the breakfast was scheduled at. When we arrived Jen and Jimmy were already seated and there was coffee ( a twin moms lifeline 😂) ready to drink! We were joined by a few other moms including both Dona from black women do cloth diaper and Deja from sunshine fabric and designs. We had an excellent conversation about race and equality in the diaper industry over an amazing breakfast. We talked until it was time to head over to the convention center for the first VIP session of the day With Jen!
When we got to the convention center I had a good idea of the layout as I had been there before so we knew where to park and walked right in. The mommycon shoppe and the tekhni booth were both open allowing us first pick at all the merchandise as well as the tekhni exclusive which was amazing! We got there about 30 minutes before our VIP session was set to begin so we mingled with eachother as our kids played with the amazing variety of toys set out for them. I will admit I was attempting to wrap one twin when the other ran through my legs and toward the door but was thankfully quickly caught by another mom and returned to me.
I’m not going to lie I attended Jen’s session purely because I wanted to see her not because I have any interest in running my own business. The session was however amazingly interesting and informative! My twins were pretty interested in the toys which was nice so I even got to listen to her talk without one of them yelling in my ear. We also got some amazing swag in our bag (which was it’s self super cute) including a cloth diaper and wet bag, doodle pants, mother love diaper and thrush cream, a tekhni head wrap, and other fun goodies from mom owned businesses! I’m so glad I chose to do a mommy con VIP session it added so much to my weekend!!!!

– Colleen Walker Sondergaard


The first VIP session I attended was hosted by Jennifer Labit the creator of Cotton Babies who shared insight into her life journey. She spoke openly about how she transitioned from a mother struggling to balance the home budget, highlighting how her struggle was the catalist into becoming an entrepreneur and founder of a successful business. Her honesty was refreshing and encouraging. We all struggle and fall; hearing how the most difficult times of her life.

– Patricia @ Dr Mommy Rx


Pool Party

At the Baby Safe Pool Party with Mat York from that That Dad Mat we were treated to a full table of Babyganics goodies and a bag absolutely stuffed with poolside treats including a Beachfront Baby ring sling. Mat helped everyone get comfortable with the slings. Unfortunately we were inside because of Hurricane Hermine. It was a good thing the session was hosted by Mat because it was the most fun pool-less pool party ever!

– Alexandria Lawrence @ Naturally Made with Love


Feed the Baby

The Feed the Baby VIP with The Leaky Boob’s Jessica Martin-Weber was something I’ll never forget. We had a rap session about how not every experience is a “rainbow farting unicorn one”. The swag bag for this session had some seriously cool gadgets. Gootensils, and EZPZ mat, Bitsizers, a donut rattle from Pebblechild, a gift voucher for Undercover Mama, a Re-play set, a reusable squeeze pouch… and more! A lot of these have become regular daily use items for us, that I can’t imagine our life without.

– Alexandria Lawrence @ Naturally Made with Love


Laura Brown from Ergo and Angelique Geehan of Beco gave us some helpful insights at Babywearing VIP. I got an Ergobaby organic SSC (which is still my favorite carrier to date!) in my swag bag. After a run down on the carriers with how to-s and safety features we played two rounds of a game like heads up. All of the cards had terms used during the session. What an exciting way to use the knowledge we gained from our fun instructors!

– Alexandria Lawrence @ Naturally Made with Love


The second VIP session I attended Friday afternoon was called Babywearing. This session is very popular because each attendee is randomly given either an Ergo or Beco baby carrier. Hosted by two industry professionals, including Laura Brown of Ergo, this session focused on proper ways to wear Ergo and Beco soft structured carriers. Additionally, they were more then happy to take the time to help parents trouble shoot any struggles they are having with their own person baby carriers (of all forms). 

– Patricia @ Dr Mommy Rx



Want to see more posts about MommyCon? Here are some other posts a part of my MommyCon Series:


~ MommyCon Basics and FAQS ~

~ MommyCon on a Budget ~

~ 10 Tips for MommyCon ~


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MommyCon 2017 

It’s crazy to think that there’s only a few months left in 2016 and that we’re already looking forward to events in 2017!! MommyCon has announced their 2017 cities and I’m so excited! (You’ll be seeing me in Chicago.) MommyCon 2017 is gearing up to be pretty amazing!

Don’t know what MommyCon is? MommyCon is a parenting event that brings together the community of parents that believe in parenting their children more naturally. This means breastfeeding, babywearing, maybe cloth diapering, etc. Of course you don’t need to do all of those things to be welcomed- MommyCon welcomes all parents and caregivers with open arms! At MommyCon, you’ll get to shop with some amazing vendors, listen to inspirational speakers, and maybe meet a new MomFriend! 🙂 You can read some other posts I have written about MommyCon here!

If you’re ready to buy your tickets, use the code FLUFFBUM17 for $5 off your general ticket admission

Here is the CONFIRMED schedule for 2017 events!

  • Chicago: March 3-5
  • NYC: March 25
  • Memphis: April 29
  • Austin: June 3
  • Vancouver, CA: July 22
  • OC: August 12
  • Orlando: September 2
  • Atlanta: October 28

My favorite MommyCon areas? The Babywearing Lounge. The Cloth Diaper Resource Center. Vagina Village. Of course, the vendors with all the awesome stuff to buy! And there are so many inspirational speakers loaded with so much knowledge (and laughs!) to share.

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Why I Love Babywearing+ a Giveaway for MommyCon San Jose Tickets!

Why I Love Babywearing

I found babywearing a little later in my motherhood journey. Aubrey was already past the “babywearing” stage and Baileigh was about 14 months old. Once I found the amazingness of having a baby carrier, I swore I’d never have another baby without one. From wrapping, to having a soft-structured carrier- I’ve tried it all. (Or at least most of it!) And I’ve loved every minute of it. Babywearing has literally helped me with being a mother; it’s almost like I’ve grown another set of arms overnight! Here are some other reasons I love babywearing:



Babywearing makes me hands free. Because I’m a mama to 3, I usually need my hands free to hold the girls’ hands in the parking lot or in a crowded area. My baby carriers make this possible. I’m hands free while holding onto each one of my children.



Babywearing makes naptime much easier away from home. Jackson has a really hard time sleeping when he’s out of his element. He is a strict sleeper and has to be in his crib, with his sound machine, with his special pacifier… You get the idea. If we’re away from home during naptime or after bedtime, he turns into a monster. And I really wish I was kidding. Babywearing sleepy dust totally helps knock him right out and gives me some piece an quiet. Plus snuggles. Can’t forget about the sleepy baby snuggles.



Babywearing helps me clean. Well, kinda. Again with the hands free thing… Jackson is the kind of baby that doesn’t like to let me get things accomplished when I have to get something done. If there’s people coming over or a party- you better believe he doesn’t want to nap. He doesn’t want to play independently. He just wants mommy cuddles. (Great timing, kid.) Babywearing helps him get his mommy and lets mommy get the cleaning done!


babywearing-4 babywearing-2

Babywearing made bonding with Jackson so much easier when he was a newborn. When he was sleepy and I wanted to enjoy his newborn cuddles, I had other things to do like make lunch for the girls. Putting him into a wrap made me able to do both! I was able to bond with my new baby while take care of my older children.


Here’s a few throwback pictures of me babywearing the girls. I absolutely love the small amount of time they spent in carriers. In fact, one of my greatest memories is when I sold our Tula baby carrier. Baileigh was two and just wasn’t asking for “uppys” as much anymore. When the lady came to the door to pick it up, Baileigh hugged the Tula tightly, gave it a kiss, and cried as she said goodbye. <3 It totally pulled at my heartstrings.

babywearing-tbt3 babywearing-tbt4

babywearing-tbt2 babywearing-tbt1

MommyCon San Jose

If you love babywearing like me and you’re in the Northern California area… you may want to make some plans for October 29th! MommyCon is coming to San Jose and they have a wonderful “Babywearing Lounge,” an area that you can try on almost every baby carrier on the market! Tula, Boba, Beco, Lillebaby, Ergo, Sakura Bloom, Maya Wrap Ring Slings, Tekhni, Kokadi, Didymos, K’Tan, Babyhawk, Catbird Baby + MORE! It’s amazing!


MommyCon San Jose is happening on October 29th at the San Jose Convention Center. Because it’s so close to Halloween, there will be a family-friendly Halloween party and costume contest! There will be winners in each of these three categories: Babywearing, Family, and Individual (adult). The winner in each category will take a home a prize. The winner in the Babywearing category will go home with an Orbit car seat!!!

The schedule looks like so much fun and includes some of my favorite sessions that I attended in Chicago earlier this year. If you’ll be in the area or can make the trip- I highly recommend it! Be sure to experience Jessica Martin-Weber, Kim Rosas, Angel Lakita Moore, and Jenn Labit! They’re some pretty amazing speakers. Here’s the full schedule for Saturday:


If you still need to purchase your tickets, use the code FLUFFBUM16 for $5 off your general admission ticket! And if you’d like the chance to win tickets, enter in the rafflecopter below!



a Rafflecopter giveaway



*Please note: This post is Sponsored by MommyCon, but in no way does it change my views or opinions. I really do love MommyCon and babywearing. <3

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Getting Ready for MommyCon & Using Their New App! 

Less than a week away until I’ll be at MommyCon Chicago and I’m so excited! I’m officially in “getting ready” mode and have started thinking about what I’m packing for the trip…. And what I want to buy at the event! 😉 
I can’t tell you how often I find myself on the MommyCon app, scrolling through the schedule and looking at the vender list. I’m trying to get a good “game plan” together for the big day so I don’t miss the things I really want to miss! Wait- you didn’t know there was an app?! Yes! It’s new to the MommyCon scene this year! Here are some screenshots so you can see it for yourself: 


The front page shows you the list of cities they’re attending in 2016. Pick which city you’ll be visiting- in my case, Chicago.


Here are all the things app has to offer- see the schedule, the exhibitor list, the speakers, etc.


Take a look at the speakers!


Catch a peak at the vendors and exhibitors to plan your day.



Take a look at the schedule for the day. You can click on the topic and read about it to decide if that is a session you would like to attend.


You can even share your experience on the app! Take a picture and share it on Facebook, Instagram, or text a friend!

Take note that the app will not be up to date for all cities right now. Each city will have complete information the week of the event! 🙂 I’m so excited to continue using the app this week in preparation for the Chicago event and I’m sure it will be an invaluable tool come Saturday! You can find the app easily by searching “MommyCon” in your App Store. It’s made for both android and iOS.  
***Don’t forget to get your tickets for MommyCon 2016, WEAR, or MiLK! Use the code FLUFFBUM16 for $6 off your general admission ticket to any MommyCon event in 2016. Offer not valid on VIP upgrades.***

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MommyCon 2016 Promo Code


It’s time to start planning out your trip to MommyCon this year! Need a MommyCon 2016 promo code to get a discount? Use the coupon code FLUFFBUM16 for $6 off your general admission ticket!

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MommyCon Discount Code 2015


Have you dreamed of meeting other cloth diapering, babywearing, breastfeeding and natural parenting people?? Have you wondered or wished that you could be at, oh… I don’t know, a convention that brings these kinds of parents together??? Well, here’s a game changer for you: MOMMYCON! MommyCon is just that and more!

Are you ready for MommyCon’s 2015 schedule??? So far, this is what has been released. We’re waiting on just a few more cities and dates to be announced.

February 21- CHICAGO
March 28- ATLANTA

Visit MommyCon’s website for more information. I’m excited to actually attend MommyCon this year in Ohio! They haven’t announced the official date yet- but you better believe I’ll be there!

Fluff Bum Babies is a part of their Sisterhood Blogger program again this year. This helps me give you a discount code and in turn, I earn a small percentage for compensation. So a huge thank you for using my discount code in advance!!!! 😉 This code is valid on general admission tickets only. It is not valid on pre-sale or VIP upgrades.

So tell me…. Which location will you be attending? Will I be seeing you in Ohio?!

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Babyhawk Oh Mei Review

I am always looking for something different to review. When I found the Babyhawk Oh Mei carrier, I knew I had to try it!! The Oh Mei is like the best of both worlds: a soft structured carrier and a Mai Tei. The bottom part of it is a buckle and you wrap the top like a Mei Tai. I won’t lie, I was nervous at first because I had never used a Mei Tai carrier. I had only worn Bai in a soft structured carrier or a wrap. I came to find out that it was easier that I had thought and started to wonder why I waited this long! This is now, officially, my go-to carrier.

babyhawk3 babyhawk2

When I say it’s my go-to carrier, I mean this thing gets A LOT of use. When we run errands, it’s in my car. When we’re home, it’s on my dining room table. Bai brings it to me and tells me she wants “uppy” or “wrapped” and it has become her go-to carrier as well. When I say it’s in my car… it’s there with me and goes in the store with me. I always ask Bai if she wants to go in the cart or if she wants wrapped. Usually she wants wrapped.


The Oh Mei came with tons of sleepy dust! Bai can comfortably fall asleep and stay asleep in this carrier. I like that its so easy for her to nap while we’re out and about. I can not tell you how many trips we’ve had to take during nap time. I have also successfully taken her out of the carrier and transferred her to the car seat without waking her up. I have no clue how I did it, but it really did happen!! As a matter of fact, I’ve been able to do some awesome stuff with this carrier. I was able to use the Spray Pal while baby wearing very easily. And I was able to tandem carry with the Boba during a stressful evening babysitting!

spraypal5 boba 4g 3

This is the carrier that I highly recommend to friends and family. I love that even though Bai is almost 2, it still fits her knee to knee. Not many other standard carriers do!! The Oh Mei is just wonderful! It’s comfortable for me, comfortable for her, and convenient to put on. I can not say enough great things about it! They retail for between $115 and $120. You can also have yours custom made with your own fabric or a variety of fabrics that are readily available. If you want yours right away, there are a few that are ready to ship. 🙂

If you want to purchase a Babyhawk Oh Mei carrier, you can do so HERE, find instructions on use HERE, and like their Facebook HERE. 🙂 Be sure to enter the giveaway below!! 🙂


a Rafflecopter giveaway


Please Note: I received this carrier for the purpose of this Babyhawk Oh Mei Review. No other compensation was made. All opinions are my own and 100% honest!!

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Boba 4G Review and Giveaway

This month, Boba is having an awesome giveaway with 3 winners. Each winner will receive one new carrier: a Boba Air, Boba 4G, or a Boba Wrap. Here’s my Boba 4G review along with the Rafflecoptor for the giveaway! 🙂

boba 4g 2

I have recently ventured into the world of soft structured carriers. When I started baby wearing, I started with my wrap, then got a ring sling, and then decided to start using SSCs for convenience. The Boba 4G has a retail price of $125 making it a pretty decent price as far as good quality carriers are concerned. The only thing I would be a little worried about is how long will baby fit? The weight limit on the Boba 4G is 45 pounds. Bai is almost 2 years old, about 24 pounds, but the carrier no longer fits her knee to knee. She still seems comfortable, but some babies may not feel the same way.

The Boba 4G comes with many accessories you’d want in a SSC. You’ll find a removable hood, pockets, and even removable foot straps! This carrier also comes with an infant insert so there is no purchasing that accessory if you choose to use this early on after birth. It is an ergonomic carrier so it is better for your baby’s hips than a classic “crotch dangler” and also offers better support for mom, dad, or whoever is wearing baby. The Boba 4G should comfortably fit wearers between 5’0″ – 6’3″ tall.

boba 4g

Here is a picture of my husband baby wearing (for the first time, i might add!) in the Boba 4G on a Sunday morning. Baileigh was happy to be close with daddy and he was happy to drink his coffee and not have a little one tugging at his pajama pants for “uppys!” 🙂 He wore her for about an hour while I made breakfast. They were just so happy in it!

boba 4g 3

I have used the carrier multiple times but this is the only picture I have. Here I am tandem wearing with my Boba 4G and a Baby Hawk. Now that was a stressful evening!! But my life became a little bit easier when I was able to cuddle and hold both babies!

Enter for your chance to win a Boba Baby Carrier, a Boba Wrap or a Boba Air! All products can be seen at With Boba products it is easier than ever to enjoy Freedom Together as a family and Boba wants YOU to get a chance to use their products. To enter to win, follow the Rafflecopter instructions.
a Rafflecopter giveaway


Please Note: I received this carrier for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was made. Each opinion is my own and 100% honest!

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Snuggy Baby Ring Sling Review

I was given the opportunity to write a Snuggy Baby Ring Sling review! Snuggy Baby creates many things that “crunchy” mamas would purchase: ring slings, cloth diapers, wet bags, doll slings, and all natural diaper balm.

When I first received my ring sling, I was amazed at how beautiful it was! It’s made very well with high quality materials. It took me a little bit to get used to it as I had not used a ring sling before, just admired at them. I was a little worried at how long I’d be able to carry Bai around since she’s over 20 pounds, but weight really wasn’t an issue. These ring slings provide so much support that my 3 year old wasn’t even an issue in it! These slings measure at 78 inches long by 28 inches wide. I loved that the tail was long, but not too long. It would have worked perfectly if I needed to cover up to breastfeed or to cover Bai’s head from the rain. I also really liked the shoulder. It took me a few tries to get used to it because I first felt like it was over-sized, but once I had used the sling a few times, I realized it’s perfect for distributing the weight and for more support.

snuggy baby 2

Baileigh loved being in the ring sling! She was a bit wiggly because she wanted down (she knew she’d pass out if she was “uppy” too long!) so it was difficult to keep a good seat for her. She wanted to keep popping out!

I got the chance to also try this ring sling out on a smaller baby while I was babysitting. This baby is generally a happy little 5 month old boy but he was just in a fussy mood that day. I popped him into the ring sling and got a few chores done while also tending to my girls and his brother. (Yes, 4 kids under 3 1/2. This carrier SAVED me that day!!) I hadn’t worn a baby that small in anything but a crotch-dangler so it was really nice to get to try it out on a younger baby. I didn’t get a picture of him in it, but just know, he was happy and was ready to fall asleep! 😉

Other than the wonderful support and length of the Snuggy Baby Ring Sling, they are just beautiful. I am in love with this carrier!! All of their ring slings are just gorgeous and would compliment any outfit, on any mama, with any sweet little or big squish! There are a variety of patterns and solid colors so any mama or caregiver can find the perfect sling to match their personality and needs. I am so happy to say that we will be using this carrier for years to come as it will end up in my “stash” for future babies.

snuggy baby

Squirmy little thing just didn’t want to be in there any more! Ring slings are best to have a seat from baby’s knee to baby’s knee. And as you can tell from this picture… Bai did not want to sit there any longer!! She was so tired and so giggly! We got in the car to go home about 15 minutes later and she passed right out! 🙂

If you have been on my Facebook page, then you have probably seen that Snuggy Baby has given me a coupon code to share with all of you!! Until February 28th, you can get 10% off your order using the code below! Buy an adorable cloth diaper, an amazing ring sling, or a baby wrap! 🙂 Make sure you come back here and let me know what you got!! 😉

snuggy baby coupon code

Enter in the Rafflecoptor below for a chance to win a $75 credit to Snuggy Baby’s website to spend on whatever you’d like!!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Please Note: I received this ring sling from Snuggy Baby for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was made. All opinions are my own and 100% honest!!

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MommyCon 2014


Fluff Bum Babies is going to MommyCon 2014!! Mommy-Con is a natural parenting convention that features speakers, workshops, and shopping for things like cloth diapers, essential oils, natural birth, and baby wearing. (So it is totally cool!) This event comes to cities around the United States and attracts hundreds to over a thousand people. Mommy-Con is a family friendly event so bring your baby, your toddler, 12 year old, husband, grandmother, anyone! Any child under the age of 16 receives free admission with a paying adult. There are toys for young children to play with, changing tables to change the little ones, and comfortable chairs for mama to nurse in. I think the best part is getting to meet new people that share some of your interests. Where else are you gonna find another cloth diapering mama so easily… besides your local Facebook group? You may just meet a new gal pal to ooh and ahh over that new baby carrier or talk about the latest cloth diaper print from your favorite brand.

I am super excited to see what Mommy-Con is all about first hand. I have “liked” them on Facebook and followed them on Twitter for months now but haven’t had the opportunity to experience all the awesomeness. Some of their sponsors include: Sloomb, Gumi Gem, Ergo, Happy Family, Britax, MAM, and Earth Mama Angel Baby. Can you just imagine… even just a few of them all in the same place??? A few of their speakers have included January of Birth Without Fear, Jessica of the Leaky Boob, and Jaime of The Baby Guy Gear Guide.

As soon as Philly’s date is announced, you better believe you will hear it from me! Are you interested in going to Mommy-Con this year? If so, Fluff Bum Babies has a special discount code for you!! 😉 In case you don’t follow Mommy-Con closely, they will be at the following cities this year:

  • Chicago, March 1
  • San Fransisco, April 12
  • Austin, April 26
  • Denver, June 21
  • Memphis, August 23
  • Philly, TBA

Use the code FLUFFBUM when purchasing your tickets to receive a 10% discount! This code is not valid on pre-order tickets or to upgrade to the VIP option.

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Fluff Bum Babies Exclusive Coupon Code!

Have you heard of Snuggy Baby? If you have, you may be looking for a Snuggy Baby coupon code. If you haven’t… well, they’re a really awesome site that sells stretchy wraps, ring slings, child doll slings, wet bags, and cloth diapers! Oh yes!! Fluff Bum Babies is doing a review for them. So what does this mean for you? (Other than getting to read a review in a few weeks…) They sent us an exclusive coupon code, just for Fluff Bum Babies’ readers!! For a limited time only, use the code shown below at Snuggy Baby’s website and receive 10% off your order!! 🙂 And be on the lookout for the review in a few weeks!! 🙂

snuggy baby coupon code

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Smart Mom Jewelry Review

I included this item in my last giveaway: The Thanksgiving Celebration Giveaway but was working on switching over the web host and changing a few things behind the scenes to better the blog. This delayed a lot of my product reviews so I’m finally catching back up! I had never heard of Mommy Teething Jewelry when my girls where actually teething. Baileigh still loves to chew on things so I figured I could get away with getting one and using it while baby wearing to keep her occupied a little bit longer. And I am so happy I did! I received this necklace:

teething necklace

It is a pendent necklace in the color jade. You can find more colors HERE. I love the fact that these don’t really look like a teething toy for a baby. These actually look like a necklace that any woman would buy. It’s just a plus that your baby can play with it and chew on it! Teething Bling is made with medical-grade, food-safe silicone. This makes it completely safe for your baby to put their mouths all over it, like they want to! This brand is FDA approved and goes through all kinds of testing to be certified in the US and Europe. They are the original teething jewelry makers.

teething necklace1 teething necklace2 teethingnecklace3

These are pictures with my nephew, Aaron. He loved the necklace!!

Baileigh loves to put things in her mouth even at 18 months old. She is still getting a few teeth so I think that does have a lot to do with it. I started wearing this necklace regularly when we would leave the house and if she would get fussy at the grocery store, I’d just lean over a little while she was in the cart and let her grab it and chew. I would be in a weird position, leaned over the cart, but it made her happy and it was easy to keep her calm. Sometimes, while babywearing, she gets a little antsy because she just wants to explore. Wearing this necklace has helped me keep her in the carry a little bit longer! That really has helped while out and about at different family functions, running errands, or a trip top the zoo. I think any mom that baby wears should have at least one mommy teething necklace. I loved this color especially because It really adds a small pop of color without being overwhelming to any outfit. You can certainly dress it down or dress it up. Thats also another positive thing for this particular type and style of necklace. It can be a fun casual piece of jewelery or, with the right outfit, it could look a little more dressed up.

So tell me: Do you have a Mommy Teething Necklace or Bracelet? And what do you think about it? Does your little one like it??

Please Note: I received this necklace from Smart Mom Jewelry for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was made. All opinions are my own and 100% honest!!

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Why I Love My Wrap: A Wrap Nap Fairy Review


Like cloth diapering, I feel like I went into the babywearing world a little late. There was so much to learn, so much to see and I was overwhelmed. I originally ordered a wrap from Etsy but after some back and forth with the seller, decided to cancel. I could not afford to spend over $100 on a wrap but I knew that a wrap was what I had wanted. I had stalked some b/s/t groups on Facebook, joined babywearing groups on Facebook and just researched and asked questions to anyone that would answer them.

Finally, someone had led me to Wrap Nap Fairy. These wraps are 100% linen and made by a WAHM. I looked at the color selection and decided to go with something neutral to go with whatever color I was wearing. Because I wear a lot of black, I went with the steel grey. Most people said that a good starting size was a 5 or a 6. Because I’m so skinny, I decided a 4 might be best to start out. I messaged her and placed my order. Within minutes, I had an invoice in my paypal for under $60 and that was including shipping! I was so happy to finally get my wrap. She had let me know that the turn around time was about 2 weeks. Of course, I was bummed that I had to wait that long but I was very appreciative of knowing this up front.

2 weeks passed very slowly, or at least in my mind it did! As soon as my mail carrier put it in the mailbox, I was getting on my shoes and walking out the door! I was so excited to get it!! I remember pulling it out of the packaging and noticing that it wasn’t soft and kinda scratchy. I immediately threw it in the washer with some towels to start softening it up. I put it in the dryer on Air Only so there wasn’t heat. To break it in even more, I looked up how to braid it. I braided it a few times before Baileigh woke up from her nap and we decided to try a few carries to see what would work for us.

I think it only took about 2 weeks to make the wrap nice and soft. I braided it multiple times a day, practiced different carries, and let the girls just run around with it. I’m very happy with how quickly it broke in. I’ve heard that wraps can be monsters to break in, especially if they’re new and you’re new to them too. It is very sturdy and does not have any sagging in the fabric. This was very important to me since I do have a toddler. Baileigh is 23 lbs and we can comfortably wear on the front or the back for an extended period of time. After breaking it in, it is not hard or scratchy. I think it’s actually pretty comfortable! There are some days that I’m cold and I reach for my wrap to wrap myself up in and get warm! I do not have much experience with it in super hot weather, but I d not feel overheated at all even when we’re both warm to begin with. I have comfortably wrapped her in the grocery store, the zoo, and even the pumpkin patch. Baileigh loves getting wrapped up in it and it can even hold my 3 year old just fine!!

I have a few more wraps on my Christmas list from Wrap Nap Fairy. If my husband gets the hint, awesome. If not… well, I’ll be buying myself a size 6 Willow or Pink! 😉 Please check out her Facebook page HERE if you are interested in wrapping. You won’t be sorry! Amazing customer service, great price and amazing quality! 🙂

Please Note: I purchased this wrap with my own money. No compensation was made. All opinions are 100% my own.


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Baby Wearing Safety


Baby wearing safety is so important! Wrap Nap Fairy added this picture yesterday and it is so easy to remember!! CHECK your baby every time they get wrapped up, put into a carrier or carried in a sling. Baby’s chin should always be elevated with their face visible, airways open!! Their head, neck, and back should always be supported! You should feel as you are embracing them which means they are tight and secure. Baby should always be close enough for a kiss. (I’m always kissing my baby during our snuggle babywearing time!) Last, but not least, their knees should be above their little bums.

The safety of your baby is always on your mind but please don’t forget to take these few steps to make sure that baby is safe every time you wear them. You may think you have it down or you may be an experienced babywearer, but please, always CHECK your baby. 🙂

Please visit Wrap Nap Fairy’s Facebook page and look at the amazing wraps she has!! I only have one wrap currently, and I bought it from her. She does amazing work and I love supporting a WAHM! 🙂 I’ve already told hubby that my next wrap is coming from her as well. 😉

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