Buon Bambini Pouch Topper Giveaway!

The Buon Bambini Pouch Topper has been such a lifesaver! You know how kids like to squeeze those food pouches until there’s a giant mess? Yeah- mama doesn’t have time for that! These pouch toppers will fit on the baby food pouches you buy from the store or the reusable pouches you fill at home.

The pouch topper keeps the mess at bay by controling the flow. Your baby or toddler can not squirt the baby food pouch all over the floor anymore! 😉 They literally have to suck it out like a straw.

I have been using this since Jackson started on solid foods last year and it is still a super handy food accessory in our home. It’s really easy to clean out either by hand washing with a nipple brush or rinsing it out and putting in the dishwasher. In my opinion, if you’re going to use food pouches, these are a must-have item!


Because this is one of my favorite baby food products and can be used into the toddler years- I want to give one away to a lucky reader! 🙂 Comment below with why you’d like one and subscribe to Fluff Bum Babies for a chance to win! I’ll pick a winner on April 21st! 🙂

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Pink Lemonade Shop’s Love the SKIN You’re In #Selfcare Giveaway!

Enter to win $300 in personal care products just for YOU!

Self care is important and often overlooked and this ‘Love the Skin You’re In’ Giveaway features all the products you need to treat yourself! Pink Lemonade Shop has partnered with some amazing brands and businesses to highlight some of their amazing self care products. These products will make you feel pampered, pretty, healthy, cozy, safe and feisty!

So who are these amazing sponsors and what are their prizes?

Austin Tie Dye Co-

Creator of gorgeous hand-dyed super soft swaddles, blankets and clothing, Austin Tie Dye Co has contributed (1) 47×66 Hand-Dyed Buttery Soft Adult Pastel Blanket Valued at $66

The Amber Monkey

Baltic Amber, Gemstone and Hazelwood Jewelry for adults and children that will soothe and relieve ailments and discomfort naturally and they’re stylish too! The Amber Monkey has contributed (1) 17-18 Hazelwood & Turquoise Necklace Valued at $35.99

Eclipse Sun

Eclipse is the manufacturer of 50+ UPF Sun Sleeves, Bonnets, Gloves and Sun Shawls. Eclipse products are perfect for active, outdoor families who want immediate sun protection without having to apply sunscreen. Eclipse has contributed a NEW 50+ UPS Sun Shawl Valued at $35

Elevated Body Care

Elevated by Taylor’s, the creators of Balm Baby, is a line with self care in mind. Natural, non-toxic and cruelty-free, these Elevated products will leave you feeling elevated to say the least! Taylor’s/Elevated has contributed (1) Lovers Lube Valued at $17.99, (1) Lovers Kit Valued at $19.99 and (1) Goddess Foreplay in a Bottle Valued at $29.99

Eco Sprout Soap

Eco Sprout is a family owned business based out of Arizona that has your family’s health and well-being in mind. Eco Sprout has contributed two of their most popular products, (1) 24/48 Bag of their Laundry Powder Valued at $7.95 and (1) The Coconut Stick Valued at $10.95

Pink Lemonade Shop

If you haven’t given Pink Lemonade Shop’s cloth pads a try then this is your chance! Cloth pads are more comfortable, more absorbent, non-toxic and a money-saving alternative to disposable menstrual pads. Pink Lemonade Shop has contributed (1) Set of FOUR Minky Pads in a variety of sizes, colors and prints Valued at $44

Lularoe by Sue Nichols

Sue Nichols, the owner of Pink Lemonade Shop is also a successful Lularoe Consultant! Sue has contributed (1) Pair of Buttery Soft (OS) or (TC) Mystery Leggings Valued at $25

The Giveaway

This prize pack is valued at approximately $300. This contest is open to the USA & Canada. Contest is open 2/1-2/10/17. Winner’s entries will be verified and the winner will be notified by email. Winner will have 7 days to claim their prize. Prizes will ship separately from each sponsor and delivery times may vary.

Enter to win using the Rafflecopter entry form below. Feel free to complete as many or as few entry methods as you’d like.​<​/p><​p> ​<​/p><​p> ​<​/p><​p> ​

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Lanibaby Cloth Diapers


Lanibaby cloth diapers are still new to the cloth diaper scene. But let me tell you…. they’re gonna go far.

A little background info. Andrea was a cloth diapering mama that had a slim baby and couldn’t find many options for her son. He was also a heavy wetter- so much so, that she was eventually changing him every 45 minutes. And who has the time for that??? After trying different options for her inserts, different brands, and even triple stuffing her pocket diapers…. she was almost ready to just throw in the towel on cloth diapers. After talking to other cloth diapering moms, she found out that bamboo and hemp were a good combination, but the dry time just wasn’t ideal. The other obstacle was just his size- he was slim with skinny little legs. There needed to be a diaper that offered the natural materials but that fit around his little legs and fit with little to no bulk. Andrea decided that she needed to create the perfect cloth diaper system for her child. Thus, Lanibaby cloth diapers were born! 🙂

15145168_10154715701299282_1014716492_o 15127415_10154715701284282_953019581_o

Today. Hello Lanibaby, Heavenly Cloth Diapers! These cloth diapers are pockets with an opening in both the front and back. This makes life SO much easier when it comes to laundry. Because of the two openings, I don’t have to unstuff the pocket- my washing machine does it automatically when it’s agitating.

 15134203_10154715701269282_2029423085_o 15102118_10154715701279282_2104197037_o

Now… let’s talk about these inserts. You can see me freak out about them a little bit here. It was a live Facebook video and there’s a reason why I don’t do them often. #HotMessMom all the way!


The inserts are both bamboo and hemp, but they’re constructed in a way that the ends are sewn together, but the middle is open. This allows the smaller inserts to be tucked into the bigger inserts as an AWESOME overnight option but so that they also have a lesser dry time. No more two or three cycles for the dryer! 😉 The top layer is 70% rayon from bamboo, 30% cotton. And the bottoms layer is 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton. Talk about absorbency! Jackson can use the smaller insert through a nap guys- that’s amazing!


Lanibaby diapers are manufactured in China, in a warehouse that does not employ children, workers get vacation time and sick leave, and have normal work day hours. They do high-quality work and it really stands out with these diapers. These diapers are CPSIA compliant so they meet all USA standards for being used on children.


Now for my experience. Oh. My. Goodness. I could really relate to Andrea’s struggle with a tiny baby. Jackson is a peanut so having a diaper specifically made for slender babies has been life changing. With the smaller insert, I’m confident that he won’t have any leaks during nap time. And it passed my overnight test when using the smaller insert tucked inside the medium insert! Lanibaby just came out with a larger insert as well, but it was a little too big for me to use with Jackson right now. I do believe that it will come in handy as he grows; it’s a great option for bigger babies! Now… for the cute pictures! You can really tell that the diaper fits him well and that it’s not too bulky on his tiny body. This diaper really felt like it was made for MY baby!






Who wants to win a Lanibaby cloth diaper? Trust me… You should want to! 😉 Enter in the Rafflecopter below for your chance to win!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Jackson’s First Birthday + A GIVEAWAY!


It happened- our little boy turned one year old. How did a year pass by so quickly? Honestly, he’s still a tiny baby in my eyes and not a toddler. I mean, he’s a peanut so maybe that helps a bit. He did, however, make it known that he’s officially a toddler. We have quickly learned that his new favorite hobby is unrolling the toilet paper… How toddler-like, right???

We celebrated his first birthday with our close friends and some family members, nothing too big. His party was Pumpkin themed, which I felt was fitting for an end of October birthday. I also found the perfect birthday shirt on Pinterest and we kind of based the party theme around it. You see…. Jackson’s bedroom is filled with tractors. And not just any tractor. It’s filled with John Deere green tractors. I found him a shirt that not only had pumpkins on it…. but there was a GREEN tractor pulling the pumpkins! Perfect, right? So of course, we had to incorporate the tractors into his party décor.


His smash cake and the cupcakes were pumpkin spice- because what other kind of cake would you have at a pumpkin themed birthday? I found some pumpkin cutouts and taped his 1-11 month pictures on them. He had some orange balloons, tractor balloons, a giant green 1 balloon…. Basically balloons everywhere. The decorations were simple, but so adorable.


jack-bday-8 jack-bday-4

He was so busy- I could barely get a “decent” picture. He was on the move! I’m not really sure how he had the energy to move, mister no nap. But you better believe he CRASHED after the party. Between eating his cake and no nap beforehand, he was a sleepy little guy.

jack-bday-7 jack-bday-1


It may have been Jackson’s birthday…. but the gift is for you! His birthday shirt came from Zoey’s Attic Personalized Gifts. This WAHM shop was opened in November 2006 by Erin Delanty. She offers many types of gifts from personalized shirts, totes, drinkware, and wall art. Jackson’s shirt is amazing quality- it washed up nicely and didn’t fade or shrink. Most orders ship within 1-3 business days which, in my opinion, is super fast for a personalized item!

Zoey’s Attic Personalized Gifts is being SO generous and has offered a $35 gift certificate to one lucky reader! This certificate can be used on ANY item in the shop. Enter the giveaway by using the rafflecoptor below. Look at the shop HERE and tell me in the comments below what you’d like to order!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Why I Love Babywearing+ a Giveaway for MommyCon San Jose Tickets!

Why I Love Babywearing

I found babywearing a little later in my motherhood journey. Aubrey was already past the “babywearing” stage and Baileigh was about 14 months old. Once I found the amazingness of having a baby carrier, I swore I’d never have another baby without one. From wrapping, to having a soft-structured carrier- I’ve tried it all. (Or at least most of it!) And I’ve loved every minute of it. Babywearing has literally helped me with being a mother; it’s almost like I’ve grown another set of arms overnight! Here are some other reasons I love babywearing:



Babywearing makes me hands free. Because I’m a mama to 3, I usually need my hands free to hold the girls’ hands in the parking lot or in a crowded area. My baby carriers make this possible. I’m hands free while holding onto each one of my children.



Babywearing makes naptime much easier away from home. Jackson has a really hard time sleeping when he’s out of his element. He is a strict sleeper and has to be in his crib, with his sound machine, with his special pacifier… You get the idea. If we’re away from home during naptime or after bedtime, he turns into a monster. And I really wish I was kidding. Babywearing sleepy dust totally helps knock him right out and gives me some piece an quiet. Plus snuggles. Can’t forget about the sleepy baby snuggles.



Babywearing helps me clean. Well, kinda. Again with the hands free thing… Jackson is the kind of baby that doesn’t like to let me get things accomplished when I have to get something done. If there’s people coming over or a party- you better believe he doesn’t want to nap. He doesn’t want to play independently. He just wants mommy cuddles. (Great timing, kid.) Babywearing helps him get his mommy and lets mommy get the cleaning done!


babywearing-4 babywearing-2

Babywearing made bonding with Jackson so much easier when he was a newborn. When he was sleepy and I wanted to enjoy his newborn cuddles, I had other things to do like make lunch for the girls. Putting him into a wrap made me able to do both! I was able to bond with my new baby while take care of my older children.


Here’s a few throwback pictures of me babywearing the girls. I absolutely love the small amount of time they spent in carriers. In fact, one of my greatest memories is when I sold our Tula baby carrier. Baileigh was two and just wasn’t asking for “uppys” as much anymore. When the lady came to the door to pick it up, Baileigh hugged the Tula tightly, gave it a kiss, and cried as she said goodbye. <3 It totally pulled at my heartstrings.

babywearing-tbt3 babywearing-tbt4

babywearing-tbt2 babywearing-tbt1

MommyCon San Jose

If you love babywearing like me and you’re in the Northern California area… you may want to make some plans for October 29th! MommyCon is coming to San Jose and they have a wonderful “Babywearing Lounge,” an area that you can try on almost every baby carrier on the market! Tula, Boba, Beco, Lillebaby, Ergo, Sakura Bloom, Maya Wrap Ring Slings, Tekhni, Kokadi, Didymos, K’Tan, Babyhawk, Catbird Baby + MORE! It’s amazing!


MommyCon San Jose is happening on October 29th at the San Jose Convention Center. Because it’s so close to Halloween, there will be a family-friendly Halloween party and costume contest! There will be winners in each of these three categories: Babywearing, Family, and Individual (adult). The winner in each category will take a home a prize. The winner in the Babywearing category will go home with an Orbit car seat!!!

The schedule looks like so much fun and includes some of my favorite sessions that I attended in Chicago earlier this year. If you’ll be in the area or can make the trip- I highly recommend it! Be sure to experience Jessica Martin-Weber, Kim Rosas, Angel Lakita Moore, and Jenn Labit! They’re some pretty amazing speakers. Here’s the full schedule for Saturday:


If you still need to purchase your tickets, use the code FLUFFBUM16 for $5 off your general admission ticket! And if you’d like the chance to win tickets, enter in the rafflecopter below!



a Rafflecopter giveaway



*Please note: This post is Sponsored by MommyCon, but in no way does it change my views or opinions. I really do love MommyCon and babywearing. <3

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My Feeding Journeys + MiLK Conference Giveaway


This week, #MomLifeMonday and #WinItWednesday are colliding! A huge thank you to MommyCon’s MiLK Conference for sponsoring this post and providing the tickets to giveaway!

*Before I became a mother, I had how my babies would be fed all planned. They would be breastfed for at least 6 months, until they started on solid foods. I would make their pureed baby foods and they wouldn’t eat “junk.” Little did I realize, babies don’t follow the plan.



Aubrey was our first baby, born when I was still a kid myself. I hadn’t been around breastfeeding much before becoming a mother. However, I figured it was something natural so it should work out just fine. I purchased nipple cream, a breast pump, breast pads, and a boppy pillow. I thought I was set and ready to go.

After Aubrey was born, we had a difficult start. She didn’t seem to be interested in nursing and her blood sugar was a little low. There was a point in time that she didn’t nurse for over 8 hours. After nursing again, they let us go home as long as we followed up with her doctor in a few days.

Breastfeeding was extremely painful for me. My nipples were raw. They were cracked and bleeding. I was putting Vitamin E on them plus the nipple cream. I distinctly remember, and it almost sends chills down my back now, crying when she would start crying in hunger. My poor baby wanted to eat but I didn’t want to feed her. I would cry and ask my husband, “what kind of mother doesn’t want to feed her baby?!” It was hard for us. And I decided to somehow, stick it out.

I started pumping in preparation to return to work. I had a cheap breast pump that I picked out at Target just because it went along with the bottles we picked. It did nothing for me. It would suck and suck but nothing would come out. I could nurse her just fine at this point with very little pain but I just couldn’t produce enough milk to store and to keep her satisfied. We fell into a rabbit hole and decided that we would start supplementing with formula.

The start of our formula journey was when she was 6 weeks old. I had that “plan” of just breastmilk until 6 months old so I felt a little guilty. At this point, she was half breastfed and half formula fed. Within two weeks, I was too overwhelmed as a mother at 18 years old. I needed life to be just a tad bit easier. And then she became 100% formula fed.

Looking back now- I feel like I had a strong lack of knowledge and support. I *could* have successfully nursed her until she was at least 6 months old. I *could* have nursed her until a year. I *could* have nursed her until she naturally weaned herself. Facebook Groups weren’t so much a thing when she was born and I was the first of my friends to have a baby. I had no idea what I was jumping into and thought that the most natural thing in the world would just come….. naturally. The super sore nipples could have been caused by a number of things. And I really wish I would have known to find a lactation consultant to help me ASAP. Aubrey was my first little guinea pig, if you will, on this whole being a mother thing.



Before Baileigh was born, I started doing more research on breastfeeding and how I could be more successful with the next baby. She was born 18 months after Aubrey so things were still fresh in my mind. I knew to start lathering my nipples up with cream even in the hospital. I knew that I wanted to get a freezer stash started and that I was going to have a much better pump as my sidekick. I had made all these “plans” again. Afterall, I had been there and done that. It just had to be easier the second time around, right???

Wrong. Baileigh and I had a pretty good nursing relationship from the start. She had an okay latch and it most definitely wasn’t as painful as it was with Aubrey. I had the same goal of exclusively breast milk for the first 6 months. I didn’t have to return to work as I had become a stay-at-home mom but I still wanted her to take a bottle. Three days after having her, I started pumping with a Medela manual pump. My goodness- I loved that pump. Baileigh took to the bottle so whenever we left the house, she would have a bottle of breastmilk so I wouldn’t have to nurse in public.

Here’s where I think I went wrong. I was so worried about my supply dropping like I felt like it did with Aubrey…. That I started taking a supplement to boost my milk supply. Fenugreek. I smelled like a pancake house and not in a good way. I had such a strong letdown that I started to almost choke her when she would nurse. I just had way too much milk! This little baby was only 4 weeks old and I could easily pump 10 ounces in a session. WOW, right?!

Baileigh then started having some belly issues. Well, more like spitting up issues. She had always spit-up just a little bit. But this was like, projectile vomiting. I specifically remember a middle of the night feed and I thought her head was going to spin around like a horror movie. The amount that she vomited all over the bed was WAY more than I thought she could even have in her little body.

Baileigh also had some problems gaining weight. She was so tiny and petite. At the recommendation of our pediatricians, we started adding some cereal to her breatsmilk bottles. It helped to hold the milk into her belly, but just not enough for me to feel like she was nutritionally getting the milk she needed. Those pesky formula companies…. I had formula cans in my cabinet from the free samples they sent me. They won. I couldn’t see my baby not gaining weight anymore. And I couldn’t deal with all the spit-up anymore. I also was dealing with postpartum depression and I’m sure that wasn’t helping anything.

We quit breastmilk almost cold turkey at 6 weeks. At this point, I felt like a complete failure. How could so many mothers nurse their babies for so long yet I couldn’t seem to last more than 6 weeks?! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not “bashing” formula moms at all- but this wasn’t what I had planned for my babies. This wasn’t the healthiest option I saw for them and it just wasn’t what I had wanted.



Jackson James- my little game changer. Before Jackson was even conceived, I found my support groups. Knowledge, power, support, confidence, and perseverance was what was going to get me to my goal for at least one of my babies. And with him, I even edited my goal to wanting to nurse him for one year.

When Jackson was born, we clicked right away. He was a boobie monster and loved mama’s milk. I decided to wait to really pump because being a stay-at-home mom, it wasn’t necessary for a bottle. There would be a minimal amount of times that I left him and it wasn’t going to be a for awhile anyways. It was just me and him- and that was A-OK for me.

Remember how I had hoped everything would just come naturally? I was waiting for a problem to occur: cracked nipples, bad latch, drop in supply. I was just waiting. Luckily, it didn’t happen in the beginning like it had with the girls. We were smooth sailing through our journey.

Months went by and he had only had breastmilk. My first *successfully* breastfed baby. I had support from family and friends. I nursed in public. I pumped when needed, and that was it. Everything was wonderful!

And then it wasn’t. Two things happened: Jackson’s weight gain seemed to have plateaued. And I needed to pump to leave him… And my boobs decided they weren’t going to cooperate anymore. I was worried that my supply had finally dropped. I was worried that Jackson wasn’t actually getting what he needed from me anymore. I tried lactation cookies, I tried increasing my water intake, I tried fenugreek again. Nothing seemed to be working. I even tried an electric pump and that got out less than my manual! I was so frustrated.

I had family pressuring me to try formula, so I did. After all, formula companies sent me formula while I was pregnant. Wouldn’t you know that a baby at 8/9 months old wouldn’t drink formula after only having breastmilk as their milk source? Yeah- I figured that too. Lucky for me, I have some amazing friends that knew my goal and knew my struggle. I now have an amazing supply of frozen donor milk in my deep freezer for when we need it. My supply has come back enough that I don’t wonder if I’m making enough.

We are just under a month away from his first birthday. I will have nursed my baby, with a little help from donor milk and a splash of formula, for one full year. I made my goal of 6 months of just breastmilk. I know there are many women that nurse for years and years and multiple babies. And compared to them- my story seems dull and silly. But it’s a part of my motherhood journey. And accomplishing this year makes me feel, well, kind of badass. My body has successfully nourished another human being though 9 months of pregnancy and almost 12 months earthside. <3




MiLK Conference

The second annual MiLK Conference will be held in Costa Mesa, CA November 11-12. It will be MommyCon’s final event in 2016. MiLK is an infant feeding conference for parents and parenting professional. It’s set-up to provide not only nutritional information, but support and an educational platform for the health of children. Want to go? There’s one of two ways from here- you can purchase your tickets using my promo code FLUFFBUM16 for $5 your ticket price OR you can enter to win the rafflecoptor below and win a pair of 2-day tickets! 🙂

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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BB-Tai Baby Carrier Review and Giveaway

The BB-Tai baby carrier is my go-to carrier whenever I’m in need some of some extra sleepy dust. Teething, tummy troubles, or just needing a good ‘ole nap- this baby carrier can basically save your day. Jackson absolutely loves being wrapped up in this carrier to snuggle mama and within minutes, he’s usually calm and either happy or having some sweet dreams.

The BB-Tai was designed with the Asian style carrier, the Mei-Tai, in mind. The tying-style straps make it easy to have wrap-like comfort with the ease of a soft structured carrier. Because the straps are so long and redone with each session, this style carrier is perfect for all babywearing parents. Partners can be on opposite spectrums size wise and both could wear baby comfortably since it is essentially, adjustable and customized, to each wearer. The BB-Tai is woven with 100% organic cotton and is so soft and cushy after breaking it in. This carrier is perfect from the newborn stage to the run-around toddler stage. It features a removable insert so itty bitty babies can be worn comfortably and safely from mom or dad. (I can only imagine how wonderful it would be for kangaroo care!!)

My favorite feature sounds a little silly- but it comes with its own storage bag! This bag is made from the same cushy and soft organic cotton that the carrier is made with and is perfect for transporting it from place to place. Because it has a zipper, you won’t have any straps sneaking out to drag on the ground. It also has an additional zipper pocket to hold your wallet, car keys, or whatever else you’d need with you while out and about.

All-in-all, I highly recommend this carrier. Its so supportive that Jackson feels weightless. My shoulders don’t hurt, my back doesn’t hurt- its comfortable for the both of us. He can also nurse easily in this carrier, which was super important to me as well. Any time the milk makers can be easily accessible, makes my life ten times easier. 😉 As a matter of fact- if you look at the top photo, he is nursing with the hood up for a little bit for privacy. You can’t see a thing and my boob isn’t positioned in a weird way… Which is rare when I’m nursing in a carrier.

Now that you’ve seen it- WIN IT!

Enter in the rafflecoptor below to win your choice of an in-stock color/print from Babylonia USA. Good luck!


a Rafflecopter giveaway





**Please Note: I received this product in order to conduct the review. No other compensation was made. My opinions are 100% my own.**


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End of Summer Giveaway

end of summer giveaway photo

Okay…. So I kind of slacked with the blog this summer. Between swimming lessons, camping, mini-vacations, and life with three kids in the summertime- life was just busy and hectic. So now I have a million posts to write and some reviews to do! 😉 So how about we kick off this giveaway? I don’t know about you, but the end of summer is coming quickly. My two “big” kids start school in less than two weeks! It just doesn’t seem possible. June and July just flew by and we’re already a week into August. Say what?!?!

Each day for the next two-ish weeks, I’ll be posting a little something about the products included in the giveaway. Be sure to subscribe to my blog HERE so you can receive an email once my posts go live. With how busy life has been, I promise you won’t get too many! 😉 But on a positive note- you’ll be one of the first ones to know when a new giveaway is posted. So that’s a pretty cool perk. 🙂

So I’m sure you want to know what you can win. ONE lucky person will win this bundle. And let me tell you…. I personally own and love everything included.

  • MommyCon T-shirt
  • Chompy Chic Chewlrey Babywearing Teether
  • SprayPal
  • Bummis Swim Diaper
  • BityBean Carrier
  • Grapple Toy Tether
  • RePlay Recycled Tableware bundle


A whole bunch of awesomeness, right? Enter in the rafflecopter below and be sure to share with friends by tagging them on facebook, instagram, etc.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Pink Lemonade Shop Anniversary Giveaway! 

Pink Lemonade Shop’s is celebrating 9 years with a Cloth Pad Chat and Giveaways galore!

Pink Lemonade Shop is turning 9 Years old this week and they’re celebrating in the most awesome way possible. They’ve teamed up with several great brands and bloggers (like me!) to bring you a cloth pad chat and tons of giveaways!

Monday through Friday they’ll have a Flash Giveaway every day on their Facebook page. They also have an EPIC Rafflecopter giveaway you can enter to win right here at the bottom of this post. On Thursday they’re hosting a Cloth Pad Chat with EIGHTEEN winners chosen from those who attend and who knows what else they’ll share, Sue always has something up her sleeve!

Pink Lemonade Shop is thrilled to have been in business 9 years. They’ve come so far and they can’t wait to see what the next 9 years has in store for them.

The Flash Giveaways

Flash Giveaways will be daily and the sponsors include, in order of appearance, Taylor’s Pure & Natural, Eco Sprout, Grace Green Beauty, Smart Bottoms and Eclipse Sun Sleeves.

The Rafflecopter Giveaway

This giveaway includes prizes from Allen’s Naturally, Eyla’s, Logan + Lenora, Momme Meals and us, Pink Lemonade Shop!

The Cloth Pad Chat

Our Cloth Pad Chat w/ Flash Giveaways is Thursday May 26th at 7pm est. Nine winners will be chosen to receive 50 points each and nine winners will be chosen to receive a mystery cloth pad or pantyliner! Winners must be present to enter to win and will be chosen at random from those who participate.

*The Cloth Pad Chat prizes are open to both USA & International winners.

RSVP for the Cloth Pad Chat here.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Smart Bottoms Review AND Giveaway!


I’m going to make a confession. I had planned this review when Baileigh was in diapers. But…. Smart Bottoms didn’t work for me! I made a rookie mistake and thought it was the diaper’s fault when it was actually user error. I didn’t prep it all the way. I know. I know. What was I thinking?! Everyone was raving about these diapers and here I was, getting mad that they were leaking. Jokes on me.

So let’s fast forward two years or so. I’m pregnant with Jackson and the Smart Bottoms community is BOOMING. And I’m over here wondering why I couldn’t love them. That’s when I started reading more about how they needed to be prepped. Imagine the look on my face when I started reading how and why. So because it was clearly my fault on why they didn’t work with Baileigh, I decided to grab a few to try for the new baby. And I’m seriously SO happy that I did!

Smart Bottoms has become my favorite diaper. EVER. And I’m not getting paid to say this. Smart Bottoms diapers take up at least 75% of my stash. And it grows more every day, or so it seems, because of all their exclusive diapers at different retailers. If you scroll down my instagram or facebook page, you’ll see picture after picture of Jackson in his Smart Bottoms diapers. They’re the most absorbent, the most trim fitting, and the easiest diaper we own since they’re an All In One diaper.

Here are some tricks and tips I’ve learned while using my Smart Bottoms diapers-

  • PREP THE DIAPER! Duh. Smart Bottoms are made with organic cotton. Because of this, they are highly absorbent. I haven’t needed a booster yet. Smart Bottoms diapers need to be washed at least 6 times to strip the natural oils that keep the attached insert from absorbing liquids. It could still take another 4 washes to fully prep your diapers. Don’t skip this process or you may miss out on the awesomeness of this diaper like I did with Baileigh. They can be washed with other loads of laundry such as towels and don’t need to be dried in between every wash during the prepping process.
  • FLEECE LINERS. This is my newest discovery and boy, is it amazing! When Smart Bottoms began to fit Jackson, he was still exclusively breastfed. And I didn’t “need” a liner. I didn’t use them with Baileigh so I didn’t understand why you would want an added thing. Well, I finally found the light. Some of those diapers stained badly. Now does it matter for my use? No. But it will hurt resale value hen the time comes. And I’m not a huge fan of sunning just because I never feel like I have the time. Now that he’s eating food, his poops are a little more solid. And since I’m throwing on a fleece liner in every diaper…. No stains! My diapers look brand new. Another perk to fleece liners? They make the diaper feel stay-dry. The moisture is no longer sitting on his skin. This is a great thing for babies with sensitive skin- you can still use Smart Bottoms!

Okay, so the $29 price tag can be a little hard to swallow at times. Trust me- it was hard for me too in the beginning. But I switched my views and started to see it as an investment. If it works so well, then the resale value will probably stay high. And if it’s a diaper I like a lot (or love, in this case) then it would be well worth it. If you’re having a harder time paying that for whatever reason- they also have covers and inserts. I have actually started buying some of these too! The inserts are made of the same organic cotton as the AIO attached insert. The covers sell for $22 and the three pack of inserts are $15. I have found that they’re my favorite inserts to use even in other covers.

And another “fun fact” about Smart Bottoms…. These diapers are 100% manufactured in the USA. I absolutely love supporting brands that are based and manufacture in the US. Smart Bottoms also stands behind their high quality diapers and offer a 1-year Limited Warranty.

Here’s a video where I share some more of my favorite Smart Bottoms products!

Enter in the rafflecopter below to win a Smart Bottoms All in One cloth diaper!

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The #amazinghood of Dreft 

So this blog had started to go super “natural” but there was one thing in my life that I just couldn’t give up- Dreft. Yes, I’m admitting that I have a problem- it just smells SO good! It honestly takes me back to the newborn days when the newborn baby smell is just so intoxicating… You have to talk down your ovaries! 😉 (Baby fever- it’s real.)

Dreft is the #1 baby laundry detergent choice of pediatricians and is #1 dermatologist recommended brand for baby clothes. Dreft was designed to be gentle on a new baby’s sensitive skin- but tough on those breastmilk/formula/food stains. As your baby grows, the laundry doesn’t stop adding up! In fact, it gets a little messier! This is why Dreft now has three different products-

  1. Dreft Stage 1: Newborn. Dreft Stage 1 was created with newborn babies in mind. It’s gentle on baby and tough on stains. It is also the #1 recommended detergent by dermatologists & pediatricians. Another plus? It’s hypoallergenic.
  2. Dreft Stage 2: Active Baby. Dreft Stage Two was created specifically for the big messes your baby may now make while on the move. Those puréed foods can really stain those tiny clothes- but Dreft removes 99% of food stains.
  3. Dreft Blissfuls. Just when you want that fresh baby smell- Dreft Blissfuls can be used in any load of laundry! They’re designed to dissolve in water and is safe for all colors and fabrics.

I still use Dreft on all of the kids’ clothes. The fresh baby scent lasts forever and helps keep their clothes smelling clean, even when they’re put into storage for the opposite season. How many “gentle” or “hypoallergenic” laundry detergents can do that?!

Dreft just recently partnered with Sean Lowes (think the Bachelorette and Bachelor 😉) and his wife, Catherine because they’re expecting their first baby! They are so excited to become parents! Over the next year, you can follow their fun and messy journey through the first year of parenthood using the hashtag #amazinghood.

Now for fun for you- I was sent a “baby shower package” for writing this review- although all opinions expressed here are my own. (I really do LOVE Dreft!) Now is your chance to win the same package!

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Fresh Wave Review and Giveaway!


 I’m so excited to give you this Fresh Wave review! I’ve been using this brand around my home for months now and really have come to love their products! Which, if I didn’t, this review wouldn’t be here! 😉 So let’s start from the beginning…. Last year, I attended MommyCon in Columbus. One of the items in my goodie bag was a Fresh Wave odor removing gel. I hadn’t heard of them yet and didn’t know what to think. I actually just set it aside and figured I’d use it eventually.

A month or so later, I received another in a babyguybox! I still hadn’t used the first one but was even more intrigued. I now had two of them and honestly thought about giving them to a friend. I’m so glad I didn’t and kept them for myself!!!!

Fast forward to when I was getting the baby’s room ready. He hadn’t arrived yet but I wanted everything to be perfect. Instead of spraying some heavily perfumed scent, I decided to try the Fresh Wave gel. It seemed simple enough- just open it up, remove the seal, and replace the lid. Done. Wow, it smelled pretty good! It wasn’t an overwhelming smell either. It just smelled…. natural.

Now I’m using Fresh Wave all over my house! I have the gel packs and use them in both my kitchen trash can and in my diaper pail. I have it between the bag and the trash can and replace as needed. They last for a very long time!!! And it smells so much better than before. Instead of just covering up the smell, and therefore smelling both the stink and the fresh scent, it completely erased it. The stink is essentially gone!

Another great product in their line is the spray. It’s really easy to just spray around the house before guests come over or just to make the whole house feel fresh again. I’ve absolutely loved it the past week or so with the windows open as well. The house finally feels fresh and clean after being cooped up all winter! The spray is also really great at eliminating pet odors. I spray our dog’s blankets between washes and have found no problems with her being picky afterwards. She lays down as soon as I’m done, and it’s a great feeling knowing that Fresh Wave is pet safe! 🙂
I’ve recently become a Fresh Wave Ambassador and I’m SO excited to share my love of it with you. With that said, I have a giveaway! And a special sale to share with you!!

Starting tomorrow, (April 22, 2016) Fresh Wave is offering 22% off on their website.  You must use the code MyEarthDay22 to receive the discount.

And now for the giveaway! Fresh Wave is sending an AWESOME package for one lucky Fluff Bum Babies reader!

Will the lucky winner be you?!?! Be sure to enter in the rafflecopter below! 🙂

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Cloth Pads, aka Mama Cloth 

It’s something every woman goes through in her life… Her period. Most women use disposable products- tampons or disposable pads. The problem is, these products can be expensive. You’re buying these things on a month to month basis and they get used and thrown in the trash. That’s like putting money in the trash can every day for a week! 

Intro to cloth pads, aka mama cloth! Like some people, I wasn’t into the whole reusable menstrual product idea. I mean… Washing something I bled on? That sounds gross. And I don’t want to deal with extra stuff while I’m on my period anyways! But then I started calculating how much money I was spending at the store every month and decided to give it a try. I started using Pink Lemonade Shop cloth pads and haven’t gone back. With different sizes, different fabric materials, and different colors/patterns- there’s something there for everyone! It also makes it a lot of fun to buy them since they aren’t so plain. I used them for a handful of periods before I got pregnant with Jackson and then decided to purchase some postpartum pads throughout my pregnancy. Let me tell you- when you’re hurting and healing after childbirth…. There is no better feeling than having a soft cloud to sit on! And PLS postpartum pads were just that for me!!

But how do they save money? They look so expensive! Well- they last for YEARS. As long as you wash them properly and take care of them, they can last you for years without needing replaced. They also could help you not purchase other items- like midol. Some research shows (and I’ve lived this!) that disposable products make your period symptoms worse. The chemicals in the disposable products are part of what is causing them. Your headaches, cramping, moodiness and bleeding level can all change by switching to reusable cloth pads! 

And just because…. Here’s a picture of my postpartum bathroom set up: 


So what are you waiting for??? Make the switch to reusable cloth pads! Want more information or have questions??? You’re in luck- I’ll be having a Facebook chat with Pink Lemonade Shop on Wednesday, February 3 on Fluff Bum Babies! Join the event! There will be some giveaways! 😉 
RSVP to the event here and enter below. You must participate in the chat to win! 

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Wrapsody Stretch Hybrid Review

I posted a while ago about loving my Wrap Nap Fairy wrap. It was my first wrap and my first baby carrier that wasn’t a “crotch dangler.” Since then, you’ve seen posts on soft structured carriers, but no other wraps. Today… that changes!

I have always wanted to try out a stretchy wrap but I knew with Baileigh’s age and weight, a Moby or Boba wrap wouldn’t work for us. She was just way too big. Then I started looking into other wraps and eventually found the Wrapsody Stretch-Hybrid Wrap. The Stretch-Hybrid Wrap is made of a lightweight 100% cotton jersey and feels just like your favorite t-shirt. Wrapsody kept the sizing easy with this wrap as it’s a one size fits all wrap. The wrap is approximately 6 yards long and has tapered edges. It’s only stretchy in one direction: widthwise, and has no stretch lengthwise making this stretchy wrap safe for back carries! Cool right?!

wrapsody 1

I tried this out with my 3 1/2 year old. I wrapped her on my back (which she loves!) and stood with my back next to the bed. I told her to wiggle out of it and do whatever it took to flop onto the bed. This little girl was ready for the challenge. She wiggled. She leaned. She had a dance party on my back trying to get out of it. All I did, was stand there. I even leaned back a little to “help” her out of it. What do you know…. It was impossible. She could not get out at all. Poor kid was sweating and getting frustrated because she couldn’t get out. Not even a 33 pound preschooler can get out of a back carry in the awesome Stretch-Hybrid. (A+ for support!!)

wrapsody 3

So, since you now know this can be used for back carries, what other carries can you do? Well, You can do front carries- of course! And you can also do hip carries with this wrap. It’s a soft, fluffy wrap with so many possibilities! 🙂 The wrap states that you can use it up to 35 pounds and of course, it’s perfect for newborns. It’s soft and lightweight and carries just the perfect amount of sleepy dust! 😉 Here’s a chart from Wrapsody’s website that shows the difference between the Stretch-Hybrid and other wraps that Wrapsody makes:




wrapsody chart

All in all, I love this wrap! It’s the perfect wrap for sleepy snuggles or when your baby or toddler doesn’t feel well. They come in such a variety of prints that everyone can find something perfect for them! The rainbow one that I had for this review is called Jandrea and it is gorgeous! It’s also perfect for beginners because you can identify the rails with colors when wrapping. I can honestly say I wish I had this wraps years ago!!

  wrapsody 2

In honor of International Babywearing Week, I will have a guest blog post on Wrapsody’s blog this Friday! Be sure to check it out!! 🙂 You can follow the link HERE to their blog.

Wrapsody has also given a discount code to my readers for 10% off!!! 🙂 Super cool, right?!

wrapsody discount code

And one more surprise….. A GIVEAWAY! 🙂 One lucky reader will receive a Wrapsody Goodie Bag! It’s an awesome drawstring bag (made to match one of our colorways) that includes a hairscarf 4-pack- winner can choose their favorites from our in-stock scarves. Also included are two stickers, a wrapping how-to DVD, and a $25.00 Wrapsody gift certificate!! So get excited people and enter in the Rafflecoptor below! 🙂

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Please Note: I received this wrap for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was made. All opinions are 100% my own and completely honest!! 🙂

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Freshly Picked Moccasins Review


You guys, these are adorable. Not just adorable, but I love them. I remember when moccasins came into popularity a few years ago and I just had to have a pair, or five. I think I’ve gone through at least 3 pairs in the past 5 years and that’s totally okay! 🙂 So of course, imagine how happy I was when I found these for the girls!

Freshly Picked sent me a pair for Aubrey and all we had to do was measure her foot and pick out which one we liked. We picked out the neon pink and man, it’s totally neon. There is no denying it at all. A part of me had kind of hoped it was toned down in real life after she picked them, but they look adorable regardless! I know neon is kind of “in” right now anyways, right? (Or was I just imagining that…. I’m awful about the current fashion trends…)

Freshly picked shoes are handmade in the good ole USA. They’re also ready to ship so you won’t be waiting for weeks on a custom order. That can be really important when your child’s feet are growing quickly!


Now about the shoes for real. Freshly Picked Moccasins are made of 100% genuine leather. (Lucky kids, right?) They’re made durable so they can withstand rough toddlers but also made so they can be on infants as well. They’re available in sizes 1-10 and are pretty accurate in sizing. With the elastic opening, they’re easy to put on and to take off- perfect for a toddler that has the “I can do it” mentality and refuses help from anyone and everyone.

Aubrey really likes her new shoes. She tells me they’re comfortable, so I take her word for it. And I know that with her personality and attitude, she would definitely tell me if they weren’t! 😉 I really like that I can tell her to put on her shoes and five seconds later, there are shoes on the feet! I didn’t have to argue, have to ask to help her, have to forcefully help her, or just walk outside with shoes in my hands instead.


Freshly Picked is not all moccasins anymore. Sure, that’s what started the business but they’re growing and expanding their line. If you go to their website, you’ll find carryall bags, wristlets, moccasins, and t-shirts. I can’t wait to watch the company continue to grow and see what other neat stuff they have in store!! 🙂

And now…. A GIVEAWAY! Woohoo!! 🙂 Who wants to win a pair of Freshly Picked moccasins for their little one? (I guess the better questions would be: who doesn’t?!) Enter in the rafflecopter below!! 🙂

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Please Note: I received the item described above for the purpose of this review. All opinions are 100% my own and completely honest! 🙂

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