Buon Bambini Pouch Topper Giveaway!

The Buon Bambini Pouch Topper has been such a lifesaver! You know how kids like to squeeze those food pouches until there’s a giant mess? Yeah- mama doesn’t have time for that! These pouch toppers will fit on the baby food pouches you buy from the store or the reusable pouches you fill at home.

The pouch topper keeps the mess at bay by controling the flow. Your baby or toddler can not squirt the baby food pouch all over the floor anymore! 😉 They literally have to suck it out like a straw.

I have been using this since Jackson started on solid foods last year and it is still a super handy food accessory in our home. It’s really easy to clean out either by hand washing with a nipple brush or rinsing it out and putting in the dishwasher. In my opinion, if you’re going to use food pouches, these are a must-have item!


Because this is one of my favorite baby food products and can be used into the toddler years- I want to give one away to a lucky reader! 🙂 Comment below with why you’d like one and subscribe to Fluff Bum Babies for a chance to win! I’ll pick a winner on April 21st! 🙂

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ezpz Placemat Review

ezpz mats have become a “must-have” product in my book for toddlers. We currently have the Mini Mat, the Happy Mat, the Snack Mat, and the new book- Making Mealtime ezpz: Fun Ways to Fill the Happy Mat.

Some of you may be wondering…. “What is ezpz?” ezpz placemats are silicone placemats marketed for kids that suction to most tabletops. These mats are made of food grade silicone that is BPA, BPS, PVC, latex and phthalate free.

ezpz placemats are super handy once your child has reached the age of eating food, but wants to play and throw their plate or bowl on the floor. The Happy Mat suctions nicely to tabletops, while the Mini Mat is designed to fit on most highchairs.


I will admit that I’m not a Pinteresty mom in any way, shape, or form. This is one reason why I love these mats. Jackson’s food can look so fun with very little effort. And let’s face it- kids seem to eat more when their food looks fun. I don’t understand the logic behind it, but we all know it’s true! These placemats are also dishwasher safe, microwave safe, and oven safe (up to 350 degrees) so cooking with them and clean-up are easy!


Jackson really likes to snack, but he doesn’t want to sit in his highchair during snack time. The Snack Mat has become a favorite, and was actually our first ezpz mat! I can put his snack in the bowl, suction it to our floating floor, and he can play while snacking- and I don’t have to worry about him just tipping the bowl over for fun!


Now this may sound silly…. But I’m a mom on a budget. These mats aren’t exactly cheap, although I wouldn’t say they’re expensive either. Because they’re made of silicone, they won’t show signs of wear. This means that they really won’t have to be replaced. The ezpz mats that I use for Jackson now, can be stored away for any future babies. It doesn’t hold onto bacteria either since it’s a nonporous material- and it also shouldn’t stain! (although, I’m sure cooking some red sauce in it may be harder to get out!)


We really like to take the ezpz mats with us when we leave the house. Jackson has used his mats at restaurants and family member’s homes. We put the Mini Mat into a Smart Bottoms wet bag and the Happy Mat fits perfectly in a Smart Bottoms On-the-Go wet bag. It really depends on where we’re going, what’s clean, and what we’ll be eating for me to decide which one to take. If it’s super messy food, I’ll take the Happy Mat (for example) because sometimes my Mini Mat doesn’t want to stick to all surfaces. If it’s somewhere that he’s eating chicken and fries or something just not messy, and maybe it’s a quicker meal, then I’ll probably bring along the Mini Mat.


You can see in the photo above that there isn’t much size difference in the actual plate portion of the mats. A Happy Mat’s portion sizes (designed with toddlers in mind) are 4oz, 4oz, and 10oz while the Mini Mat’s (designed more for infants) portion sizes are 2oz, 2oz, and 4oz.


All in all, I’m really happy that I decided to try these ezpz mats and I like that they do make my life a bit easier. Jackson also likes them and in reality- that’s really all that matters.



*Please note: I purchased the Mini Mat and Snack Mat myself. The Happy Mat and book were provided by my participation as a Guidance Guide Ambassador. All opinions are 100% my own.






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#MomLifeMonday; Family Friendly Restaurants 


Family friendly restaurants… We’ve all been in that place. You don’t want to cook dinner or clean up a mess after eating. Or maybe you just haven’t been out of the house in days so you’re using dinner time as a way out.  Seriously though- we have all been there.

You pack up the diaper bag, take off the clothes you’ve been wearing for over 36 hours and maybe brush your hair just to feel presentable. Maybe you decide on a place that has crayons for the toddler, high chair for the baby, and a place that feels family friendly. You’re just planning ahead so you won’t feel judged as your kids are screaming or talking VERY loudly and feeling like you should have stayed home.


Here’s where I get frustrated with “family friendly” restaurants: the baby needs a diaper change. You’ve changed over 20 diapers today (or at least you feel like it) so you send Daddy to change the baby. Only to watch him walk right back out of the men’s bathroom with the screaming baby and the diaper STILL needs changed. Why? Because there isn’t a changing table in the men’s bathroom. 😩 This is something that irks me. I want a break. I didn’t want to cook. I didn’t want to clean. I didn’t want to change a damn dirty diaper. I wanted to enjoy a meal out in the world and the restaurant just couldn’t put a changing table in their men’s bathroom.

Another thing. Just because a restaurant has a kids menu and high chairs, doesn’t mean they’re family friendly at all. I can think of three places I’ve gone to eat with high chairs and a kids menu only to find that there wasn’t a changing table in the men’s bathroom… BUT there also wasn’t one in the woman’s bathroom?! What?!?! So I’ve had to change a baby on the sink counter and get some really judgemental stares from strangers. (Hey people- it’s either the baby stinks and screams from a gross diaper or he gets changed right here. Have a problem? Take it up with management! They’re the ones that made me do it.)

Oh and what about this. There are a handful of places I would just love to eat at regularly. But, let’s be honest, it’s just not feasible with three small kids. And not to mention, date night is few and far between. I’d love to just pick up Chipotle or Panera but… No drive thru. No curbside carry out. And there’s no way in hell that I’m taking three kids out of car seats, dragging them in somewhere to pick up food to make them turn around (while my hands are full with said food) get them back into car seats, and then wrangle them back into the house. Do you know how much business places like these are losing from moms?! I know I can’t be the only one avoiding restaurants like these. It’s just too much work and when I eat out… It’s to eliminate the work of cooking and cleaning.

Here are my favorite places to eat at with kids: Chick Fil A, Bob Evans, Steak N Shake, Red Robin, and any pizza place. My number one go-to being Chick Fil A. ❤️ Chick Fil A basically knows that moms need extra help when dining out with kids and they’re spot on with their service, their food, and the amenities like the disposable placements for kids.


Where are your favorite places to eat-out with the kiddos? Let me know in the comments below!

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