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Cloth Diaper Dictionary


Different Types of Cloth Diapers

-All in One

-All in Two/Hybrid


-Prefolds/Flats and Covers

-Fitteds and Covers


-One Size vs. Sized Diapers



Cloth Diaper Accessories

-Wet Bags


-Cloth Diaper Safe Cream



-Pail Liners

-Diaper Liners


Basics Q&A

Q: You’ve shown me the different types of diapers, but where can I purchase them?

A: There are SO many cloth diaper retailers that I couldn’t even begin to list them all! A few of my favorites include Cotton Babies, Abby’s Lane, and Nicki’s Diapers. If you do a quick Google search- you may even find there’s a store local to you!



Q: Where to even start?

A: You’ve made a good start by doing some research! Knowledge is power, and it’s no different in cloth diapering. I would start out by asking yourself a few questions: Do you want to start in the newborn days or wait until baby can fit into one size diapers? Do you want to go “all or nothing” or do a mixture of both cloth diapers and disposables? Will you be using your own washing machine or will you be using a local service? All of these questions will tell you more of where you need to go in the planning process.

For example, if you decide to cloth diaper your newborn- you will need smaller, newborn sized diapers. If you decide to do a mixture of cloth diapers and disposables, the amount of cloth diapers you’ll need to have on hand is less. If you’re using a cloth diaper service as opposed to washing them yourself, then you may be limited on the types of diapers you can use and the cloth diaper service may provide certain things in their monthly cost.



Q: Can newborns use them too with that black poop?

A: Yes! I haven’t personally cloth diapered a newborn (yet!) but there are many moms in my cloth diaper groups that have! They’ve had minimal staining problems and had no issues with the meconium poop coming out in the wash! If you do have slight staining- putting them outside in the sunshine will fade the stains!



Q: Is there like a minimum “essentials” list/kit?

A: You can put as much money into cloth diapering or as little as you’d like! There are cheaper options like flour sack towels, prefolds, and flats with a basic PUL cover and there are much higher end options like fitteds and wool or all in ones. I would recommend getting a few different types of diapers to see what you like best and works best for baby. All babies are different and all cloth diapers are made differently for that reason! While some moms feel that a diaper sprayer is a necessity, some moms feel that they get the same thing done with a designated spatula. Here’s what I reccomend having on hand if you’re going to cloth diaper:

– 20 diapers of various styles and brands

– 2 hanging wet bags or large wet bags (or a diaper pail with two liners)

– at least one smaller wet bag for outings

– cloth diaper safe cream

– sprayer and SprayPal if you’re using solids or have a formula-fed baby

– laundry detergent of your choice and maybe a few wool dryer balls

Q: Does the collection cost/water usage really outweigh the ease of disposable?

A: Honestly- YES! My electric bill wasn’t noticeably affected and my water bill went up $10 for 3 months. (So it cost us more about $3.34 more each month for water usage.) Besides the fact that you’re reusing the diapers you’ve purchased, something you obviously can’t do with disposables, but you can also use them on other children you may have or sell them when you’re done. I don’t think anyone will want to purchase your used disposables! 😉 As long as you keep your diapers in good condition, you can make a good portion of your money BACK. Say you put about $500 into your cloth diaper budget- you’re saving at least $800 if not more for not buying disposables, but if you sell everything for just half- you’ll make back $250.

Q: Do I really need a diaper sprayer?

A: The answer is no- you do not NEED a diaper sprayer to cloth diaper successfully. But I will say- I would not cloth diaper if I didn’t have my sprayer. I’m spoiled with it and I love how easy it makes poop clean up. To go along with this, do you NEED a SprayPal if you have a diaper sprayer. Again, the answer is no- but I wouldn’t use my sprayer without it. It makes spraying the diapers less messy overall and is seriously a bathroom saver, in my opinion. These are just cloth diaper accessories that were invented to make our lives easier. And they really do!!!!

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