Cloth Pads, aka Mama Cloth 

It’s something every woman goes through in her life… Her period. Most women use disposable products- tampons or disposable pads. The problem is, these products can be expensive. You’re buying these things on a month to month basis and they get used and thrown in the trash. That’s like putting money in the trash can every day for a week! 

Intro to cloth pads, aka mama cloth! Like some people, I wasn’t into the whole reusable menstrual product idea. I mean… Washing something I bled on? That sounds gross. And I don’t want to deal with extra stuff while I’m on my period anyways! But then I started calculating how much money I was spending at the store every month and decided to give it a try. I started using Pink Lemonade Shop cloth pads and haven’t gone back. With different sizes, different fabric materials, and different colors/patterns- there’s something there for everyone! It also makes it a lot of fun to buy them since they aren’t so plain. I used them for a handful of periods before I got pregnant with Jackson and then decided to purchase some postpartum pads throughout my pregnancy. Let me tell you- when you’re hurting and healing after childbirth…. There is no better feeling than having a soft cloud to sit on! And PLS postpartum pads were just that for me!!

But how do they save money? They look so expensive! Well- they last for YEARS. As long as you wash them properly and take care of them, they can last you for years without needing replaced. They also could help you not purchase other items- like midol. Some research shows (and I’ve lived this!) that disposable products make your period symptoms worse. The chemicals in the disposable products are part of what is causing them. Your headaches, cramping, moodiness and bleeding level can all change by switching to reusable cloth pads! 

And just because…. Here’s a picture of my postpartum bathroom set up: 


So what are you waiting for??? Make the switch to reusable cloth pads! Want more information or have questions??? You’re in luck- I’ll be having a Facebook chat with Pink Lemonade Shop on Wednesday, February 3 on Fluff Bum Babies! Join the event! There will be some giveaways! 😉 
RSVP to the event here and enter below. You must participate in the chat to win! 

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  1. I’m interested in learning about products healthier for the environment and sager for our bodies

  2. How do you store used ones until wash day? Do you wash in the middle of your cycle or wash them all together at the end? About how often do you change pads for a regular flow?

    • Based on my reading up on this (I has the same question)–you use a small wet bag to store your used cloth in and you need to wash about every 2 days.

  3. So excited for the chat! I’d like to know about washing cloth pads , I see a lot of pretty prints and was wondering if bleach was needed and if it would ruin the prints and colors

  4. Becky Majewski says:

    I’m super excited about this chat party! I’m new to cloth pads and I’m hoping to find out what I would need for postpartum cloth use as I’m due to have a baby at the end of April. 🙂

  5. Which size do you recommend for “sneeze/laugh” protection? 🙂

  6. Heather Young says:

    What is the most breathable material for cloth pads? Most absorbent?

  7. I am excited to learn more about mama cloth!

  8. Heather Link says:

    How do I know what size pads I need? There are so many options.

  9. How many postpartum pads are good for washing every other day on average. Obviously depends on the person but trying to plan ahead. 😉

  10. Oh and how do I stop from buying too many? Seriously so comfy and cute!

  11. I love your postpartum setup. Do you know if pink lemonade will have that unicorn print again?

  12. I have a few panty liners and love pairing them when using my diva cup. I need a better overnight solution for the first few days when my flow is heavy. I’m excited to learn more about the options available!

  13. What is a good starter kit?

  14. I’d like to know how PLS got it’s star.

  15. Question for the chat: What stain fighter do you recommend?

  16. Susan Adams says:

    My question is more for when my daughter starts to menstruate, how can I make her comfortable with using cloth, especially at school when she is more likely to be made fun of? What does everyone else’s daughters do? Do they tend to only cloth while at home? I am inclined to give her all her options, explain the benefits, and let her make her own choice.

  17. Geneveigh Sewell says:

    I’d like to know how your period has changed! Did it really get lighter and shorter? What’s your favorite length & shape of a pad? Interlabial pads…have you heard of those?

  18. jessica h says:

    I just recently learned about reusable cloth pads, so I’m very excited for this event! I get my main question to be about cleaning them?

  19. When your out running errands, how do you store the used ones? How absorbent are they, how long do you have to go before changing? I know these are simple questions that I’m sure will be answered but so very new to this!

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